Friday, May 6, 2011


       It is hard to imagine ever being outside enough.  As a school kid, freedom seemed to breath, whenever we were permitted outside.  Working as a journalist gave me plenty of opportunity for being outside, until I began managing news operations or companies. Then I'd bound out, just to walk a few blocks, to get outside, whenever I could.  So as spring envelopes the country, let me urge you to take a walk.  In that spirit, here's a look at 
          The Harmony Headlands State Park is 784 acres between Highway 1 and the Pacific about five minutes north of Cayucos and south of Cambria. It offers a spectacular approximately two mile hike out to a marine terrace.  It has become one of our favorites and it is often on the Cambria Walking Bunch's list.

          According to locals in the know, the land had been in the State Park System for some five years, but never opened to the public.  The story goes that Clint Eastwood, who lives about 2 hours north in Carmel, was down for an occasion and as a member of a state commission walked the trail.  He asked why it wasn't open and communicated with his friend and then Governor Schwarzenegger.  Shortly thereafter the trail was opened to the public.

            If you spend much time in this area of the Central Coast you get an urge to go wondering over the rolling hills and into valleys and canyons.
            The Headlands trail, gives you that opportunity and takes you by precious wetlands and fragile environs.

              After winding between slopes the trail opens to majestic views of the Pacific.

The trail works along pristine coastal bluffs.

In the spring, it offers a wild flower show.

lots of blooms this time of year

This is a somewhat exotic, called  Humming Bird Sage.
If you like hikes, and are in the area, the Harmony Headlands State Park is a great opportunity. Regardless of where you live, go talk a walk.
See you down the trail.

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