Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Live Oak Way

        Singer songwriter Hattie Craven told the fans she had grown up at Live Oak. Her talented father Joe has been the poet emcee for most of the 35 years of the central California music festival.

        People do grow up, grow old and grow together in Live Oak nation.


      Live Oak has been a June delight for us since our move to the west coast 17 years ago. The music is extraordinary and so are the "Live Oakies." Peace and love mean something to these people.

       The music, food, California summer light, mood, and color make it a paradise for a people watcher.
      Some folks camp or glamp for the weekend. Others take it by they day and it's a benefit for KCBX, public radio for the central coast. And, it's all good.

        See you down the trail.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

As Summer Visits.....

         The scene above, summer evening in the park on the square in Paso Robles captures my sense of summer spirit.

        The busking singer songwriter, a young man full of dreams, children at play, families strolling, green foliage, blue sky and a gentle, peaceful scene.

        Summer is still a time of hope, for ripening gardens, an improved game, no matter the sport, leisure with friends, evenings of simple relaxation and reflection. The scene speaks to me of that essence and it is evocative of a simple time, still possible.

        Lana's orchid cactus's have celebrated summer's arrival with an array of giant blooms. They are dazzling.

        So we celebrate the solstice, and the days of summer with a few scenes of the way it is around here, on the California central coast, a place of "endless summer" in so many ways.

        As members of the US Senate ponder their post summer plans it might be good for the Judiciary Committee to rally an investigation of sitting Supreme Court Justices, all of them if they prefer, but certainly Thomas and Alito who may well have proven themselves unfit to serve. As the House January 6 Committee presented a document to the nation and future generations, perhaps it is time to look into the snake pit on the high court. 

The photo above and below were taken by Lana while tending to her garden.

While here she tends, harvesting fava beans.

An evening in another garden, as Jill Knight and Eric continue to create the score of our lives in Cambria.

Sweet Summer....

    I hope that your summer is peaceful, gentle and includes lazy naps.

   See you down the trail.