Tuesday, December 19, 2023

A Wonderland Pastiche and Judith's Words

     We all need a little Christmas this year. To massage your mind with nothing but child like wonder, it is time for our annual trip to fantasyland, away from the world of adults and all that stuff.

    Be dazzled by the color and richness of mirth and cheer.

    Spend a few minutes, looking closely at the frames and I suspect a few smiles and a wow will take you to the land of sugar plums.

The scenes are from the Cambria Garden Center sparkle shop and are the product of hundreds of hours of design and set up.
Share this with anyone who could use a lift and would enjoy such eye candy.

Now, a note about changes.

    Another LightBreeze tradition for the last 10 years has been to post in early to mid December about the Candlelight Christmas Concert at the Santa Rosa Chapel, high on a hill overlooking East Village in Cambria. That has changed.
   The Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey in a surprise move took control of the Chapel from the local Catholic church and then gave the bums rush to some pleasant and happy Cambria traditions including the Candlelight Christmas concert and all such concerts and community gatherings. Yes it stunned the locals.
    But as I note, things change.

        Violin virtuoso Brynn Albanese, who has been the concert master the past few seasons, found a new home for the series, St Paul's Episcopal Church, also home to Safe Harbor Presbyterian.
         In the frame above Brynn is joined by Eric Williams, a master musician in O' Holy Night.
        It doesn't have a 150 year history, but it does have electricity, indoor plumbing, heat and sits on ridge overlooking a valley and the Santa Lucia range, has a labyrinth and a meditation garden. It is a tranquil hill.
        The historic setting was charming and nostalgic but it's about the quality of the performance and the beauty of the music. And about Judith's words. Judith Larmore had been the in-residence caretaker of the Chapel and her seasonal meditations made it even more special. There is a back story.

    When we were still newbies and attended our first Candlelight I was blown away and driven to tears when Judith began a story about her childhood in Bluffton Indiana, my dear mother's beloved hometown. I had spent holidays in Bluffton, in the snow belt of northern Indiana, and Judith's meditation opened a portal of memories. 
    Each year, I looked forward to hearing Judith's creative take on the human condition and particularly appreciated any reference to Bluffton. She is a marvelous writer.
    This year Judith reported the changes, loosing her home and job of the last couple of decades, and the loss of the activities at the Chapel she tended so well, drove her to a low point, even questioning the value of life. But then this special village tucked between the Santa Lucia Mountains, the Monterey Pine Forest and the Pacific pulled it's own version of a Seneca Falls revival of George Bailey (See It's a Wonderful Life).
    This village provided love and support, to her and to all the others who were knocked off kilter by the Bishop's move. Judith has a new cottage home and was able to lift our spirits with reflections on human kindness. Judith said this was the last year she would be offering words at the concert. I hope that is not so. Some changes are very hard to abide. 

    Wishing you all Peace and Goodwill.

    See you down the trail.

Thursday, December 7, 2023


         It is sought by almost every culture, but is historically elusive.
       We have to ask what is wrong with humankind? Are we cursed by choice?

       It is the season of light. We seek peace. Here at Light/Breezes our choice is to encourage your strength of well being. May your belief bring the true sense of Shalom, a full wellness, universal flourishing, wholeness and a peaceful being.

        It would be nice to share that peace, Salaam and Shalom with all creation.

        We live in a big reality.

        War is evil, human failure. We find ourselves unable and ill equipped to discern. Innocents suffer. The most courageous path is peace. But sides are chosen, minds are closed, barbarism begets revenge. Our hearts are missing their heart. 

      Cry out, pray, light candles, feel helpless or

      find smiles and share them.

Live and dream as if all life matters.

Coming soon to this space.....

....the annual visit to toyland!

See you down the trail