Tuesday, April 17, 2012


     This evening shot captures the foggy edge of a day
that ranged from the extremes available at the coast. A very warm and bright sunrise, warm morning, brilliantly sunny mid day and the rolling in of a massive bank of marine clouds and haze, pre sunset, strings together a series of micro climates and clothing adjustments.  Shorts and short sleeves, give way to jeans and fleece.  The cool marine fog fills the valleys, obscures the mountains and shrouds the trees that just a couple of hours before were brilliantly green under a cobalt blue sky.  Living near the Pacific brings these changes and diversity.
      Though I'm a little dubious about these things, I'm happy
to note that a fellow blogger has awarded me the Sunshine Award.
       I appreciate the sentiment, and certainly appreciate the awarding blogger Bruce Tayor's Oddball Observations, but as an old journalist I'm suspect of these awards that form a kind of mutual admiration society.  Boy, do I sound like a cynic at the Banquet of the Sunshine Society, or what?!  
      This kind of mutual support in the blogosphere is actually a wonderful thing.  It is kind and generous, and of that I am appreciative. I think it is nice that people pass this along to 
others.  That it helps grow awareness of other bloggers and writers is fine as well.  But it reminds me a bit of kids sending secret "I like you, will you be my girl friend?" notes  on the playground.  Sweet. Cute. But my posts are often
not either.  So, Thank You Bruce.  Thank you Sunshine Award
originators and fellow recipients.  As someone who loves
the sunshine, and sunny dispositions, I accept on behalf
of those of us who take our sunshine with reality, on the rocks, shaken and not stirred.  
       So, something about me, an obligation of the award.  I love film and cinema.  I admire artists regardless of medium.  I think creativity is one of the highest achievements of the human mind. My heroes include John Muir, David Brinkley, Ernie Pyle, my father Karl and there are others.  One current hero is my friend Bob Foster some 56 days into a bone marrow transplant. My clan were Picts. The bloodline is Scots, Celt, Anglo Norman, (English), Welsh, Pennsylvania Dutch from the Palitinate.
      I have two published books, and would love to add to that number if I can get a deal for #3.  #4 is a work in progress.
       Another obligation of the award is to nominate another blogger.  I think Mollie, who I have known since her birth,
is a very deserving recipient.  She is an enormously talented
young writer who has shown a gift as she plumbs what it 
means to be a young Christian in the 21st Century.
Mollies lightbymorning blog.  
        See you down the trail.



  1. Congratulations on that Sunshine Award, another flower for your garden.

    1. Stephen, thanks. So nicely stated. I think you were the "grandfather" of this particular designation.

  2. you are much later than usual in your daily do. OR is that dew. I do think Syrup gets mighty sticky.

    1. As I recall, your considerable wit always had a hint deviousness.

  3. Tom, thank you so much for nominating me! What an honor it is to be mentioned on your blog, and to be nominated :) I so admire your writing.

    Hope to make it your way in the not-so-distant future.