Monday, January 2, 2012


First the Colts
then the Paradise Walkers
My blog mentor, The Catalyst, shot a missive, noting no blog yet, nor on New Years day and wondering as to "too much New Years eve?"
Not the case.
I got sidetracked by the decision of Indianapolis Colts owner Jimmy Irsay to fire vice chairman and football operator
Bill Polian.  I know both men and I hate to see the parting, but after winning only 2 games, there is a fever in the bunkhouse. Polian brought football knowledge, and eventually greatness to a then foundering Colts organization.
But things and times change.  And not having an 
active Peyton Manning makes a difference.
So I was offering my unsolicited advice to Jim and the fans of the Colts.  
Make Peyton Manning a player coach, and draft 
Andrew Luck.  If Peyton is still able to play, allow him to take few snaps, share playing time with the brilliant young quarterback, and gradually assume the position of offensive coordinator. Eventually he can transition to full time coaching, maybe someday to be head coach.
Manning is a brilliant offensive strategist already and
would be the ideal heir to the great offensive coordinator
Tom Moore.  I think it would make a great
story line for the franchise, the kind of thing of
legends. I'm confident Colts fans would love it. I hope Jimmy Irsay also sees the "brilliance" of the idea.  
Jimmy, I'll be in town in a few days, if you want to talk.
The first day of the new year gave the new
Paradise Walkers a chance to 
do their thing.
  The always beautiful San Simeon Creek  Road
was the perfect setting for an ideal
Central Coast day.

 No play for this Californian

The merry band of Paradise Walkers.
See you down the trail.


  1. I wish your trail wandered by my neck of the woods. And I wish my neck of the woods had your wonderful sunshine.

  2. Not sure your football advice will go far. But I didn't even know who Bill Polian was.

    Looks like a nice day for hiking on the Central Coast. And then some WINE!

  3. Stephen-we are coming up on our fifth anniversary of being here and I think we have become dependent on blue skies and sunshine.
    Bruce-I'm pretty confident my football advice will not be taken seriously. As for Wine--yes of course. There was even talk of bringing wine to the point of departure, so it would be there waiting for us at the end of the walk. Stay tuned.

  4. Tom: Although I certainly am not a good judge of what makes a successful N.F.L. football team, it became apparent this year that there were significant problems in the front office that were trickling down (actually cascading) onto the field of play. As in baseball and radio (except for a few rare examples), good managers have a shelf life. There are times when change has to come. Although I have always believed and tried to fully embrace the practice of the values and virtures of continuity and loyalty, at my ripe age of 61, I realize now that nothing, absolutely nothing is forever. Your advice to Jim Irsay about transitioning Peyton Manning into a player-coach is a common-sense idea, one that should be fully explored as I believe that even the Mannings (Archie and Peyton) now realize that the years ahead for Peyton will be more fragile as he ages into legendary status. There will be good opportunities for the Polians where they can start with a clean slate. I think Jim Irsay made a very gutsy decision. Happy New Year to you and your family, Tom - Jed Duvall

  5. Jed-
    You are a good judge of operational practices and your observation of the Colts this year are valid. Indeed there comes a time for change. I'm hopeful this transition gives the Colts a chance to build, with strength and a commitment to excellence. Our best to you in the New Year.