Thursday, January 5, 2012


Maybe that take on the Mayan Calendar is right
and this is the year for the end of time.
OK, OK, I'm not serious. 
But in a way I am.
More in a moment.
Government labs that create a new form of bird flu, without an antidote.  Stupid!!  That could be an "incurable" problem. Maybe time marches on minus the human race.
Can there really be time if there is no one there to observe it?
Higgs Boson research detects, maybe, evidence of the God particle or dark matter.  
The discovery of possibly inhabitable planets hovering hear a black hole and more of that dark matter.
All of this sounds like variation of down the rabbit hole
with Alice, into some strange new world.
Then I read that researchers at Cornel University have created a tiny hole in time where things occur that 
are entirely undetectable. A few years ago physicists found a way to do "spatial cloaking," that is make things
disappear.  Now they've done it with time.
According to David Brown in the Washington Post
"the extreme bending of light that makes spatial cloaking possible requires so-called optical metamaterials made through nanotechnology.  Temporal cloaking depends on special lasers and optical fibers that disperse or undisperse light in predictable ways."
If you are at all curious, I urge you to read about
the Cornel research.  Yep, it is mind bending. (Where is 
Don Herbert, Mr Wizard, now that we really need him?)
Anyway, here is my proposition:
If the Cornel researchers have made time invisible,
then maybe that saw about the Mayan Calendar
predicting the end of time was right.
So relax, that's out of the way.  You can quit worrying
about Apocalypse 2012.
Unless that damned bird flu gets out of the lab.
Oh, I can hear this old lyrics now
"...when will they ever learn?"

See you down the trail.


  1. I'm not a Mayan expert, but I think this entire end of the world prediction has been blown out of proportion. I don't believe the Mayans said the world would end; 2012 was just the end of their final calendar period. They probably thought they'd be around to create a new one when the old expired, but that didn't work out. Misconceptions like this happen all the time. The Bible confuses two similar Hebrew words and Jesus walking "beside" the Dead Sea becomes Jesus walking "on" the sea. And what are those strange things sticking out of the head of Moses on Michelangelo's fabulous statue? The phrase for "rays of light" has been mistranslated for hundreds of years as "horns." So let's cut the poor Mayans some slack, even though this stuff is fun to ponder.

  2. Supported Tom.We should be joyous and looking forward to man's emerging and changing consciousness to awaken. NASA has an interesting take on the effects of current and future solar flares on the human consciousness. I follow the science, not hyped fear.

  3. I'm waiting for archeologists to soon discover another Maya calendar entitled "Page Two - 2012 to 4024."

  4. I tried to tell them to use 4 pt. symbols, but noo.

  5. I can help you stop worrying about all this. STOP READING!!!

  6. Stephen-agreed. Too much margin for error in all of the talk.
    Wendell-I know solar activity is supposed to increase this year. But you know that I really am an optimist about everything.

    Steve Russo--find that calendar brother and you've got a ticket to anywhere you want to go.

    Anonymous--too bad they didn't listen.

    Bruce, yea, like that's going to happen!