Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The task seemed simple.  Determine what, if any, 
easements may cross our property. There is no
record of any in our deed and real estate papers, but 
we wanted to be certain.  Off to San Luis Obipso and to the County Recorder.
Nothing in their records of our property, but, we were told, the Assessor might have a record the Recorder does not.
Up to the Assessors Office.  Nope, nothing filed there
but to be sure, we were advised, we should check
with Planning and Public Works. Off we go, over to the old Court House building.  Well, we get a new copy of
our property line, a record of the most recent survey
and explanation of the survey makers and again
no record of easements.  But to be sure we should
go to the County Recorder.  We started there, we tell him.
Well, he says, you can do a search of past property deeds and titles.
Back to the Recorder's Office and we are set up with a computer and given help in doing a search of all of the 
past property ownership chain and transfers. We examine
if any of those deeds contained easements.
Well, we learned the name of our part of the ridge, at 
least the name dating back to the 1920's.  We followed
ownership back about 3 clicks and found no easements.
Just to be real sure we check with our Cambria community
service district (they handle water and roads) and
no record there either.  A half a day of pursuit and
not one person was anything but helpful, courteous,
and friendly.  The young lady in the County Recorders office, with whom we dealt twice, was especially helpful.
And it was very kind of the CCSD office to call us
with additional guidance.
It was fascinating to see the records of our property
from 4 agency views, each with their own facet of the prism.
Interesting also to note how real estate records,
transactions, maps and all have evolved. The
keeping of those records is still transitioning from old books
to computer files.
I've covered government from the Federal to local level and have always thought that government that is best is
that closest to home.  Our little foray today validated 
that for us. Thanks to those who helped us. 
See you down the trail.

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