Friday, October 7, 2011


Since beginning this blog last December I have tried to make sure I post every weekday.  Realizing that I live by the California clock, I also try to get this up to the blogosphere during a reasonable hour for you readers in the Eastern Time Zone.  It doesn't always happen.  Today is a case in point.
It has been a California kind of day and well, dude, I'm behind.  Tennis this morning, the match went longer than normal. Coffee that followed, it too went longer when Dino offered me samples of his new line of Cayenne pepper and lavender, plus other spices and seasonings.
It was a birthday gathering of the Friday lunch Flash Mob at Sebastians and we tarried over cookies and pie.
We hit the farmers market for fresh produce including what could be the last of the Thomcord grapes of the season. The grower said this week's rains really pounded him.
We then drove down the coast to Morro Bay to buy some fresh fish and oysters, just off the boat.  Back to Cambria for a quick shower and cocktail and then off to the Allied Arts reception for the new hanging of Shirley Pitman water colors.
Lana also had a painting selected for the show.
It was a great reception.  Artists are great partiers and conversationalists. 
Back home, fire up the grill, open a bottle of local wine and  officiate the prep of dinner-Halibut cheeks and oysters on the grill.  So, the great life here on the coast has delayed
the "bizness" of the day-getting this post up for whoever
is curious about what is written here.
Between the lines today-conversation about Steve Jobs and the reaction his passing has received.  I'm surprised  that some folks don't know or understand the impact he has on modern communication.  
So to those of you in the ET zone
 or in Europe-sorry for the late post-
it's been a California kind of day.  And I feel lucky.
Plus it was my eldest daughter-Kristin's birthday. Also the birthday of my late kid brother Jim and the great poet James Whitcomb Riley.  
 It is still way up there on the mountain, but the castle
was shining in the sun today.
 The Pacific was indeed peaceful behind the Hearst warehouse.
and the Friday lunch Flash Mob was slow to leave.
Ah, California.
See you down the trail.


  1. It's hard to leave when you have good company. The tardiness on the blog is excused. Love the Cali vibe!

  2. Living vicariously-- ANY time!! peace!