Thursday, March 16, 2017


    Photo by John Stanley
      Have you found there are times when life just positions you in a way that you are alone in something? It may be temporary or for a specific purpose but for a duration, there it is, you are out there alone.
      Being out of step, out of the norm or not in the "flow" is that way. I'm about to walk in that world, by way of nerdom, or is it nerddom? What I think is a practical solution to a little problem casts me in that role.
      I've got a snazzy pair of tennis shoes, they are blue and until recently were laced with bright yellow strings. They're excellent platforms for this aging player. The shoes are part of a signature line of Novak Djokovic, a pro whom I admire. One of the strings broke! I saw it coming and tried to prepare but finding a bright yellow shoestring proved futile. So when the moment arrived and necessity dictated, I removed a white string from an old pair of tennis shoes I wear working around the house.      
       There are white stripes on the blue shoes so it's not entirely objectionable, however I will enter the court at my next match with a left foot brandishing a yellow laced shoe and the right with the non matching white.
     And since life is complicated I replaced the purloined white string from the "work" shoes with the only thing I had available, a black lace. You see how rapidly I'm devolving into geek hood. One broken string thrusts me into wearing two non matching pair of tennis shoes. Alone in this predicament certainly, but I've reached an age when I don't think I'll be embarrassed about the matter. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"  
     And this stroll in mismatched oddness will provide a chance to measure folks on their power of observation and how they may respond.

living stones
   A couple of Lana's favorite succulents, Living Stones, are  showing proof of life. 

dumber than a box of rocks
circus trumpus
    The unfit, unqualified, predator president is working overtime to prove that he is also an idiot.  
      Case in point. America auto makers sold a record number of cars and earned record profits for the last two years. Auto workers benefited, consumers loved the product and it has been an American success story. So what does mr tweet propose? He wants to revisit the whole matter of gas mileage and government guidance. If he is successful he will force the entire industry to adjust. What will happen? Cars prices will rise. If fuel efficiency standards are trimmed American car owners will pay more at the pump because they'll use more gas. There will be a cascading affect on air quality standards. Can he really be this stupid? 85% of the public supports improved fuel efficiency. So why fool with CAFE standards, as the guidelines are known. To paraphrase the vulgarian himself. Really Dumb.  Really, really dumb.
      But there is California, ready to go it alone. This state won the right to establish its own fleet standards (CAFE) for fuel efficiency. The affect has been that most car makers build according to the California standards. California promises to fight for its waiver right to set higher fuel standards, standards most Americans want.  

even the foxistas get it
       The star of trumpland, the American nightmare, is on the skids. It's bad when Fox News viewers give him an approval rating of only 41%. At the same time in his administration President Obama had a 63% approval rating.
        Fox News finds only 7% of their crowd say repeal and replacement of Obama Care should be a priority. Only 41% approve of his immigration policies. 
       Maybe somewhere Arnold Schwarzenegger is holding a prayer service for trump the frumpy's precipitous ratings dive. Arnold, ask folks to pray for America, for that matter for the world. 
a thing of beauty
Photo courtesy of Indian Wells Tennis Garden
          Much of the sports world is focused on the beginning of the big dance, the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. I'm certainly a fan as well, but I'm a tennis enthusiast too and the BNP Paribas Open is underway at the beautiful Indian Wells Tennis Garden near Palm Springs. I saw this frame of one of the practice courts and thought it captured the beauty of tennis in the desert.  We've enjoyed our visits to Indian Wells but this year we'll be flipping between basketball and tennis on the big screen. Good luck with your brackets.
          And good luck Hoosier fans. Sorry Tom Crean didn't work out. He seemed able to recruit well but something just didn't gel. Teams that should have been better or gone further didn't materialize. I know IU Athletic Director Fred Glass and he's a bright and capable man. He and President McRobbie, who is also a good guy, face an important challenge now. And they do so in a hyper aware and active state, where by the way arch rival Purdue and little Butler are enjoying the big dance. Pressure!

      See you down the trail.


  1. I've got Florida, Gonzaga, Kansas and Kentucky in the Final Four with Gonzaga winning it all over Kansas. My friend Ron Talley (a U of A grad) says Arizona will win it all over Kansas with UCLA and Wisconsin the others in the Final Four. How about your bracket?

    1. I've got Nova, Gonzaga, Kansas and NC in one bracket-with Villanova winning.
      In the second Nova, Arizona, Kansas and UNC with Kansas winning.
      Should be a great tourney.

  2. "How on earth could someone pick Wisconsin for the Final Four" say this Michigan alum and his Michigan alum wife, after Michigan beat Wisconsin by a total of 21 points in their last two outings. So there! And as for Trump working overtime to prove he's an idiot, he's already done so and is only trying to make it into the Final Four of all-time idiots. Hey, Tom. How about those Hoosiers! Sorry; I couldn't help myself.

    1. Michigan has been on a run of late. Good mo, right now.
      Trump may be competing against himself for all time idiot president.
      As for the Hoosiers-woulda, coulda, shoulda...Crean just didn't have the "finishing" edge. They need someone in the style and manner of Jay Hill, Coach K, Larry Brown, etc. As we say--"there's always next year..."

  3. Regarding your tennis shoe-lace phumpheraw, I have one piece of advice: Keep your eye---both of them, if possible--- on the ball.

    1. Your advice is sage and right on the money. Miss playing the game with you...

  4. Our good friends went to Indian Wells last year to see a few matches. They didn't see anyone famous but had a good time. By the way, matching shoe laces aren't helping my tennis game so maybe I should mix them up.

    1. Well, like my former tennis partner Steve Figler says above--keep your eyes on the ball. Having said that, I note it is easier said than game proves that!
      Have fun with it..I doubt if either one of us will get invited to the US Open this year--but who knows, eh?

  5. I am convinced, as always, My Beloved Ducks will not only reach the final four, but......that trump will resign, in the next month, and Western Montana, WA, OR and CA will secede from the US.....
    Perhaps an early bed tonight, a hot water bottle and a glass of rye.....

    1. The Ducks may well do that...the trump resignation would be a cause for a world day of for secession-it's no longer a crazy thought...