Wednesday, June 6, 2012


     For a couple of years now Cal Trans has been building 
a new span along the majestic Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur.  Building the bridge while also tending to the routine rock slides and washouts.  
     If you desire confirmation of our ability to engineer and design, drive the famous Highway 1 from Cambria to Carmel.  It is evidence of intellectual capability that provides a 
route to put us right in the middle of and exposed to some 
of this planet's greatest beauty and awe inspiring scenery.
     The new bridge, scheduled for completion next year,will up the ante.
     Thanks to my daughter Kristin who grabbed these frames
as we drove through the work zone.

   As you can see this new span will elevate the road grade providing an even more spectacular perspective.
 The work of generations of engineers and builders are 
appreciated by those of us who enjoy scores of views that
are breathtaking. Highway 1 is a national treasure.
  Driving Highway 1 should be on everyone's bucket list.

I'm flattered and honored.
    While traveling I was alerted to being given an ILLUMINATING BLOGGER AWARD by CJ at Food Stories Blog
     CJ is a nurse with a personal interest in food and nutrition which you can learn more about on her blog. 
     She is the originator of the  Illuminating Blogger Award that you can also read more about at the second link.
     CJ asked that I share information about myself.  I am a 
devoted foodie.  I love food prep, dining, discovering great chefs and sharing an evening of food with friends.  
     If I could change one thing about the near perfect American Provence (the Central Coast) it would be to add the savor and aroma of those great little bistros and restaurants that dot the south of France in wine country and in the small mountain villages and towns.  We have marvelous dining in Cambria, Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo, but those charming little local places are missing in our rolling mountain wine country.
      Thanks CJ.  
     I share this ILLUMINATING BLOGGER AWARD by nominating
these blogs
Bruce Taylor aka The Catalyst-loves food, cats, music and has a unique view and sense of humor. He's made me laugh for decades. He is also a certified political and blues junkie.

The Chubby Chatterbox is an extraordinary writer and artist.
He is superbly entertaining and his blog is a bright spot in the blogosphere.

Frank is another superb writer and astute musicologist.  I've 
been taking his lead on music for decades.

Steve is one of the renaissance men of the Central Coast.
A talented writer with a great concern for words and how people use them creatively and politically.

Mollie writes with sensitivity, personal reflection and an exploring spirituality.  The twin daughter of a life long friend, Mollie represents the best of her generation's personal blogging. 
   A long way to go and an odd location for Foie Gras-now endangered in California.

    See you down the trail.


  1. That bridge appears to be leaning out to sea. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

  2. I have a friend who has a 911 Carrera Porsche. He and his wife stay over night in Cambria, get up before the sun on a summer morning and hit US 1 before the traffic and motorhomes are on the road. He says the 911 was designed for roads like US 1 and US 1 was engineered for cars like his. I've driven the road in my Corvette just before sunset, no traffic and that was probably the best US 1 experience I've ever had.

  3. Tom:

    Thanks again for nominating me for this wonderful award. I intend to include it in my Friday post. Your pictures, as always, do much to lure me back to California.

  4. Aw, Big Sur...I've been a CA gal my whole life and that area is by far my favorite. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. Tom,
    Thanks for the "Illuminating Blogger" Award nomination. I am humbled. Good stimulus (your blog) yields, one hopes, good response.