Thursday, June 28, 2012


    The ruling by the Supremes put all news organizations through the drill.  I was fascinated by watching how it was covered.  
    The challenge was an old one-get the essence, then get the info out of the court room and to the viewers or online readers or listeners.  It was a kind of fire bucket brigade.  The first of the info was handed along, while reporters and analysts in the Supreme Court building continued to listen to Chief Justice Roberts, gather the actual ruling, opinions, copy them, get them to the news headquarters and to the field correspondents waiting outside. It was a massive operation, like a 100 yard dash with copy machines and text books while deciphering a code.
   I've covered court rulings and appreciate the logistics of getting the story right, and getting it on and in a competitive environment. All news groups want to be first. 
   While there is no shortage of talking heads and experts, the smoothest and most concise of the morning was Ted Ruger, constitutional law professor at the University of Pennsylvania who provided succinct and helpful analysis on CBS.  As a former anchorman, that is the kind of analyst I would like to have along side. Scott Pelley, who handled it nicely, benefited from Ruger's polish.
    The next chapter is to now watch the spin, the spinners, the straight networks and newspapers and the partisan media like Fox and MSNBC and all of the yacking heads who'll try to make you think their perspective is the only correct one. 
     And we can't forget the candidates.  There is a presidential election into which all of this will factor.  Do you know how that will play out?   Well, Someone on one of the networks or blogs will try to convince you, he or she does. Let the game's begin. 
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This is the kind of "hot" issue I now prefer to deal with.

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  1. CNN reported the decision with graphics on the screen that said "Obama Care Overturned by Court"

    A internet pal of mine was at the VA pharmacy this morning shortly after the decision was announced. The guy in line ahead of him was bitching about a "government takeover of health
    care". My friend asked him how he felt about the VA healthcare. Without a whiff of irony the guy said "love it!"

  2. The most interesting comment I heard was from Jeffrey Toobin on CNN, admitting that he got it wrong and today was a day for him to eat crow. (

    By the way, is that a new Weber grill? Those peppers look like they'll be good.

  3. Like you I marveled at the message AND the mishaps. Like you I monitored my news conveyances as strongly as you did. WE note:
    Moving Mouths tripped over themselves to be "the first".

    AP has warned it's staff not to gloat over CNN's gaff... today's version of "Dewey Beats Truman" headline in 1948. But WE know. Even President Obama was mis-led in the early reporting from TV.

    CBS was best, primarily because of the speed-reading ability of Jan Crawford on the steps of the Supreme Court amid raucous ranting. We will be talking about this day for a long time. -w-

  4. If this Supreme Court decision tells us anything it's that the talking heads can be wrong.