Monday, January 17, 2011


     Martin Luther King Jr slips more deeply into history.  Increasingly, generations know him only as a martyr, remembered with a federal day, an historical figure, one of those who dwell someplace between myth and public education history texts.
     Ignorance of history is arrogance.  We can recall a legion of poor decisions made without benefit of the knowledge of history.
     Here on the Central Coast of California, in our own area of the north county of San Luis Obispo we enjoy a rich bouillabaisse of history where diverse culture and ethnicity have cavorted and created a unique patch of this planet.
     Chumash and Salinan tribes, whalers from Cape Verde and Portugal, Chinese seaweed harvesters, Japanese abalone harvesters, Californios and heirs of Spanish aristocracy, greeted those "Americans" of European ancestry who pushed west.  In later times ranchers and fishermen, miners and lumbermen joined the stew.  Swiss, Scots, English and others came.  In the 20th Century emigres from Mexico and others from points east in California and across the US came.  Educators, artists, musicians, bohemians, aerospace engineers, carpenters, craftsmen, performers, retirees and dreamers have continued to come.
     All have come to this sun kissed coast of craggy rocks, sand, pine forest, undulating highlands and mountains with their own dreams.  This is a land where freedom has been lifted, and endowed upon thought, lifestyle, culture and sense of being.  There have been exceptions and limits, though mostly aberrations. Freedom is always about becoming.  It is never stagnant or it is not freedom.

Scenes and light on King Day

     I was grumbling earlier today, mad at myself for having an off day on the tennis court. I was struggling with keeping my backhand in the lines on long shots or out of the net.  Then later at coffee with the doubles partners, a gentlemen in his 80's, a former member of the foursome who has been forced to retire by leg and knee troubles, said
    "Is it my imagination or have you guys gotten better in the last few weeks?"  We all kind of muttered something.  I said something about "well you know somedays..."
   He just grinned and said  "Boy, you guys don't know just how lucky you are."   

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  1. Sometimes we don't know how lucky we are until someone else reminds us how lucky they aren't.