Saturday, July 20, 2019

How much, America?

    The scene just might be the most loathsome and repugnant ever to occur in the Oval office.
     American heroes Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, the surviving Apollo 11 crew, captured in the tempest as the rogue president walks back his walk back. 
     Those two brave men, who participated in one of humankind's great achievements, both of them now chasing 90 years, were miserably uncomfortable and needlessly and senselessly became chattel and collateral damage. It should never have happened.
      America and history owes them an apology for needing to endure the fetid drama that envelopes the deranged president. 
     Collins and Aldrin represent America at its best. The occupant of the White House, already considered the worst, simply corrupts and destroys. He had no business being in the presence of Collins and Aldrin. It would be a good thing if someone in leadership and authority issued an apology on behalf of the vast majority of US Citizens and the people of the world who see the president for what he is and who despise him and his behavior.

of that behavior....
      To my mind, one of the best uses of recording was the play back of the smug mugging he did, as his racist and nazi like mob broke forth in their hateful and truly anti American chant. There he was, looking left and looking right and smugly puckering as the hate crime went on for 13 seconds.
     Despite his weltering, all the world could see the lie.

not about politics or policy
     His mental illness makes him a danger in high office. Those who support him, pose a danger. Their combined lack of civility pose a danger. His and their racism pose a danger. His chronic deception makes him a danger. His stunted intellect makes him dangerous in high office. He has always been a cheat, liar, sexual predator, and arrogant. The sycophantic behavior of the bogus republicans is also a danger. It is enabling behavior.
     He is a clear and present danger. Heaven knows we are exhausted and frustrated as a nation. And we are divided: those who understand the danger and those who are the danger.

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a moment of beauty
   Yet another magnificent orchid cactus bloom. Thanks for enduring another post about you know who. The world doesn't need another opinion, but some things need saying. 
And someday I want my daughters and grand children to understand, some of us did what we could to slake the evil of hatred, bigotry, prejudice, ethnocentrism and the destruction of civility and honor, to say nothing of the devastation of our environment. 

    See you down the trail.  




  1. Hi Tom, I looked online for the meeting with the astronauts and their families, and Collins and Aldrin did look somewhat uncomfortable. Why would officials (Trump?) have 90 year olds standing so long? They should have been comfortably seated in nice, maybe elevated chairs. Aldrin did genuinely thank Trump for supporting the space program (space FORCE??) and the man has a foundation now which I just contacted, and helped correct an online typo. I photographed the astronauts at NYC city hall after splashdown/isolation, you can see at I'm not an admirer of Trump, he certainly doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time. Interestingly, I knew personally the chief instigator of the conspiracy theories related to supposedly never having gone to the moon (they are a crock, of course) but the guy, otherwise, wrote some pretty good books about self-sufficiency and sustainability. His memorial website is, judge for yourself.
    I've had a few strange bedfellows in my longish life...thanks again for the info on dear departed Steve Kellogg...

  2. Once again, well said, Tom. And completly accurate.

  3. That meeting was the most absurd Trump ever. Buzz Aldrin is a fantastic, fantastic guy who he claimed has been a long time friend and yet he never spoke to him or even discussed Apollo 11 with any sense of tribute. I think he spent 30 seconds on the subject. Amazing. I loved it when he said "Space Families". Stunted intellect yeah, but I'll go with dumbass.

  4. And --
    Everyone watched the landing in '69. This is just speculation and maybe unfair but I'll wager Donald didn't even watch it -- (seriously). ?

  5. You might want to read Frank Bruni's column in today's NYTIMES.

  6. The boorishness of this meeting was surpassed only by his meeting with refugees when he had to ask Yazidia human rights activist Nadia Murad what she won the Nobel Peace Prize for. His downward spiral continues.