Thursday, June 28, 2018

Living Beyond Binary and South Coast New

Avila Beach, Ca
    Some 45 minutes south of us the central coast offers scenes reminiscent of Southern California. 
     It's hard not to smile or feel good when seeing a symphony of blue stretch the horizon and lap onto warm sand. Enjoy the vibe because we've got a brain bruiser for you below, but we begin with nice.
     Avila is bright, fresh and shiny. It was essentially rebuilt after a 1998 settlement where in Unocal took years taking the town apart, removing tons of earth, moving homes back into place or clearing property. It was all part of the mitigation of a tank farm leak.
     Long timers say before the leak and the tear down Avila was "low rent" and a not so appealing beach town. We were there during the remediation and now it is clear time, money and real estate development changes things.
         It has become a tourist and play beach, complete with resort, golf courses, hiking, biking trails, restaurants, bistros, pubs and recreation.

      A group of north coasters, from San Simeon and Cambria follow their tummies to a spot sired by a beloved chef.
      We've always enjoyed outings in Avila, though there is slight feeling of being at Disney Beach Town or maybe on the set of the Truman Show. There is a history here, but it's lost in the designer new. Great place to visit, but.....

back on the ridge
Pasta making training continues. This is the critical extrusion phase.

    Kids can lift the spirit. There is an innocence and joy that infuses. But it's not as simple as it used to be

boys and girls and transitions and identity
       At coffee the other day one of the guys asked if women's sports was going to be killed by the affect of trans athletes whose male DNA makes them of a particular muscle and bone structure that provides strength, speed and power to the extent of being an advantage over their female competitors.
     It's a question I'd never considered, but it is vexing isn't it?
Personal identity is more complicated when people identifying and living as a woman may have a penis or when a man keeps his vagina because he would like to bear a child. Imagine how mind boggling that sentence would have been to your parents or grand parents.
     We may identify by way of a choice, though biological functions might even be an irony of sorts. Sexual reassignment surgery is a path for some, but not for everyone. It is no longer a binary matter. 
    Living with how we are different as men or women or in search or undecided or transition brings a need for a new protocol as well as cultural cues. These are new times.
     We are all human and under it all, we are the same. Until we meld with technology and synthetic life, but that is for another day.

     the cringe factor

      Does it happen to you? You communicate with friends who are citizens of places other than the US and you cringe as you explain something the occupant of the White House tweets or says. As a case in point the recent boneheaded tantrum over Harley Davidson. It somehow diminishes us all.
       In fact he diminishes everything? Has our integrity and intelligence fallen so low that we actually deserve him? Who needs the zombie apocalypse? The brain dead rules already.      
      And now there is a new justice to choose. 
      Did I just detect another cringe?

      See you down the trail



  1. Jay Albright, the radio consultant specializing in country radio, transitioned to Jaye Albright. Jay was a tall, chubby guy, pasty complexion who is now Jaye. A tall, chubby woman with a pasty complexion and bad hair and is happy and comfortable in her own skin for the first time in her life. Jaye's first public appearance was a panel on country radio at a convention in Nashville. There was a huge buzz and considering the leanings of the mostly male country radio folks and lot of bad "jokes" and nasty comments. When the panel opened, sitting behind Jaye's name card was a stunning brunette in her late 30's. The audience gasped, jaws dropped and eyes bugged out. A few minutes went by, Jaye came out gave the brunette a hug and sat down in her seat. Jaye had gotten a former Miss Nashville to stun her audience into submission. Jaye lost a number of clients but is doing okay.

  2. That youngster looks an awful lot like her mother, especially in that last picture. Strange as it may seem, I knew her mother when she was about the youngster's age.

    1. It's not strange all, the tip off is you use the word "youngster" only old guys use that word.

  3. It's still astounds me just how wrong we were in the mid-70's; nixon was gone, Carter listened to Bob Dylan, we were winning, the ERA seemed possible, things were on the upswing.
    Now look at's likely that inside two years Roe v Wade will be repealed, gay marriage illegal in many states....Obama was an illusion.

  4. As to that current occupant of the White House, he is a runaway train and happy about it as a pig in shit, while we await (cringingly?) for that big curve up ahead.
    As to who is what in the all-to-near future, the all-to-brilliant Raymond Kurzweil not only believes, but is fostering the mixing of bio-mechanical-electronic parts to develop the "ideal" human animal/machine. Glad I'm 75-nearing-76. See the movies "The Singularity" and "Transcendant Man" to get a brainful of this stuff. Poor me, I didn't worry about this stuff because I thought we could always just pull out the plug or pry out the batteries. How naive, like the Indians watching those big sailing boats coming in and thinking, "Gee, lucky us, the gods have come for a visit."

  5. Biological or birth sex or whatever the hell I'm supposed to be calling it doesn't seem like it's relevant for most things in society. I mean, if you're in the office next to mine at work and you tell me to start calling you Sheila. I will. It doesn't matter. You're Sheila.

    Sports is a little different, I suppose. Division of the sexes in sports is based on something at least partially objective. (That ignores the fact that any reasonably fit woman could beat me at absolutely every sport.)