Friday, February 5, 2016


       This west coast lays in the eastern US and the sun's descent drops not towards Hawaii and Japan, but toward the US mid-west.
        After being acclimated to the far western edge of the US, things seems different here. Silly of me I suppose, but I considered drive ways and garage doors as being for the use of cars.  Not sure how this Naples Florida arrangement works. Carefully I presume.
       I've been spoiled by village life in our enclave on the true west coast. We too have our share of senior drivers-of which I am one-and we drive in varying degrees of caution, or erratic dashes, but there is a variance here-volume and a healthy, or unhealthy as it may be, mixture of younger and/or aggressive drivers. Aggressive drivers in volume, working their way through the slower and perhaps erratic others makes for an adventure I'm content to do sparingly. Our dear daughter sounds like a parent, as her parents are about to venture out to play in traffic.  
    "This is season. We have heavily medicated drivers who are just back in town and it's crazy.  No, I mean it is really crazy."  
     Our daughter is wise, bless her heart. This is like LA at half the lanes, at 40 miles and hour but with that hybrid brew of medicated seniors, just back in town for season and the already ticked off locals who probably harbor mad max fantasies of rolling right over them.
      So back to daughters quiet enclave, to enjoy a quiet walk and to privately cherish the ability to shower without turning off the water between soaping and soaking. We can even let the water run until it gets hot. And brushing teeth with water running and not feeling guilty.  Changes in attitudes.
      Even if the sun doesn't set on water!

       See you down the trail.


  1. I'm always amused by attitudes about "those crazy drivers" - even in myself.

  2. Some are crazy and some are #@%*# crazy.

  3. All tan Toyotas sold in Florida are delivered with the left turn signal hard wired in the on position.

    As a "senior" I'm only medicated when I choose to be medicated, at least for now anyway.

  4. The real powerhouse move for some of these drivers is the complete stop-in the middle of the parking lot and on the road, even in the middle lane.

  5. That's a unique driveway. First time I've seen one like that. :)
    I like those photos. Hope you've adjusted well by now.