Sunday, October 20, 2019

James Bond, Agatha Christie and The Highland Girl

     The Cullin Hills and Ben Nevis mountain, long valleys and rolling

  landscapes characterize the highlands as it falls toward Glencoe.

   Portions of the James Bond Skyfall were filmed here.

    Loch Leven borders much of the view as you transverse this splendid area of the highlands. 
   Just over the bridge in Broadfort stands what could be the setting for an Agatha Christie novel. The proud Ballaculish Hotel has offered hospitality since 1877, and that time is captured here.

   Imagine a scene on the squeaky stair case.

   The resplendent parlor evokes an earlier era. I found bound editions of Town and Country from 1911 on the grand piano. 

    Night descending on Loch Linhe enables one to imagine how guests might be ensnared in a Christie plot.

 The Ballaculish straddles an area between Loch Linhe and Loch Levan.
   The Glencoe area of the highlands is rich in lochs, including the special Lomond, the largest fresh water lake in the UK.
   3 miles long, 1-4 miles wide, with 52 miles of coastline. It reaches depths beyond 623 feet. 
  23 Islands stand in Loch Lomond.  It was a strong hold of the McFarland clan. 

   A great creative effort occurred here. William Wordsworth a poet and founder of the Romantic Age in English literature penned To A Highland Girl while staying at this hotel on Loch Lomond.
   The waterfall was memorialized in the 1807 poem.
"...this fall of water that doth make
a murmur near the silent lake;

    From the Highlands back to the Lowlands. Destination Glasgow.

    See you down the trail.


  1. Magnificent landscape shots, shooter, the other photo's as well. The landscape could easily be Montana, the central and northern regions, around Glacier Nat'l. I do so wish I just hadn't flow over this region so many times and not visited.

  2. Donna and I recall our wonderful meal at the Balleculish Hotel a few years ago.