Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Slovik Path for Trump

      Eddie Slovik, a hard luck kid from Detroit was in trouble with the law from the time he was 12. He died 12 years later.
       In those years he was arrested for car theft, breaking and entering, robbery and other offenses. He was in and out prison a few times.
      Because of his criminal record he was morally unfit for the military. But after he married he was reclassified and drafted into the Army.
      It was WWII and he was sent to fight in France with Company G of  the 109th Infantry Regiment of the US 28th Infantry Division. During an artillery attack Slovik said he determined he "wasn't cut out for combat." He went missing and was found 6 weeks later. He then told his commanding officer  he was "too scared" to be in a rifle unit. He then deserted. He was caught and the Army gave him a couple of chances to change his mind and relent. He said he'd take his court marital.
      Slovik was convicted of desertion. He wrote to Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower pleading for clemency. Desertion was a big problem in France as the Germans were advancing through the Ardennes and casualties were high while morale was low. Ike confirmed the execution order.
     During WWII the US military executed 102 soldiers for rape or unprovoked murder of civilians. Only Slovik was executed for desertion.
     12 Soldiers were chosen and detailed to be the firing squad. They were each given an M1 rifle with one bullet apiece, one of them was a blank. The command of "Fire" was given and Slovik was hit by 11 bullets, four of the shots were fatal.
         Donald Trump never served in the military, but was sent to a military school for disciplinary reasons. He too was a punk, but a rich boy. He's stayed out of jail because he's had lawyers and was able to buy politicians and threatened those who he cheated. 
      On July 16th, 2018 Donald Trump committed treason in front of the world. He deserted America. I'm one of those who believe he had already been a traitor, but his appearance with Putin and what he said gave aid and comfort to an enemy.
      People far above my pay grade, people with expertise, diplomats, intelligence officers, his own Director of National Intelligence, Republicans, even those who had been timid or had been advocates of Trump have said his performance was over the line, wrong, an offense to this nation and our officers, the act of a traitor, treason.
      The US has never seen such behavior from a President. 
Still there are some who defend the traitor and attack all of those who assail him. But anyone who will defend what he said, or his "private" meeting with Putin should simply be laughed at and pitied for the brain, conscience and soul sucking vortex in which they find themselves. There is no defense for what happened in Helsinki. It was anti American, dead wrong, pandering to his Russian overlords and financial backers, and simply being Putin's punk.
      The facts are known. Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Only a fool or a blind zealot will deny that. We don't know how deeply they impacted the results, that investigation continues. 
      Putin's Russia is an adversary and they are still attacking our electoral process. Donald Trump met with Russian spies in the White House, and already his top campaign advisers have been indicted or pled guilty. 
      On July 16 he stood before the world and even offered to allow Putin and his intelligence service to meddle in our investigation. Treason! Anti American behavior, aiding and giving comfort to an enemy. It happened on live television.
      It is the inevitable behavior of someone so unfit, unqualified, unprincipled and who thinks he can bluff and bully his way through life.
      It is clear to this writer that life should come to the same path as Eddie Slovik. 
      Trump is the Commander in Chief-a military court martial is an appropriate venue for the process of justice. If convicted, then 12 Riflemen, 11 bullets, 1 blank, and a command of Fire!
        This may earn me enmity. Though my readership is limited and in no way influential, this could create problems but it has to be said. In 42 years of journalism I learned always is a good time to speak the truth. Donald Trump is a poison. It is time for him to go where traitors go. This nation should purge itself of Trump. For now and for our future.

 See you down the trail.


  1. Resist! BTW I heard a guy call into C Span yesterday and thank the Russians for interfering in our elections.

  2. I fear that trump has so numbed citizens by his constant lies and repulsive behaviour that what he said in his campaign is really true: that he could shoot someone on 5th ave in NYC and his supporters wouldn't care.
    What this really illuminates is how the GOP has become so corrupt and power hungry they really will put up with anything to maintain control.

  3. I do not understand why every single member of Congress is not marching up Pennsylvania Avenue with a a pitch fork and a torch. As mind-boggling as it is that this aberration gets away with abomination after abomination, I am afraid "should fish more" is right--his supporters don't care and the GOP is just a bunch of spineless sycophants clinging to power. Just saw RBG yesterday--Ginsberg is the polar opposite of "it" the notorious PIG. Ugh!

  4. Agree completely except for execution. I oppose capital punishment for any person and in all circumstances -- no exceptions whatsoever. In any case, I'd much rather see Benedict Donald rot in prison for the rest of his unnatural life.

  5. Your indictment rings true but we are still under control of a government full of deaf ears. I think a more excruciating punishment would be exile to an island with no television cameras or internet access. There he can spend the rest of his life convincing coconuts he is still innocent of collusion, corruption and treason.

  6. The points you make are valid and true. And yet, his base continues the support. Not only his base, but the leaders of our government who do have some intelligence and should stand up and do what is right for our country. We simply must have term limits. It is time for all Americans to choose. Will you be a patriot or will you continue to be partisan?

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