Monday, June 5, 2017


   Dessert first. Pleasure before brain bruising. Let's party.

    It is a delightful evening-Twilight on the Terrace-sponsored by Friends of the Hearst Castle. A fund raiser with emphasis on fun.

   When the California June weather is perfect, WR Hearst's Castle is a perfect venue for fine wine, delicacies, music and dancing on the plaza.

   The scenery and setting is story book.

    Up here at San Simeon, the warm glow of the sun, the majestic reach of the rolling coastal mountains, the grand pacific on the horizon it is easy to cocoon and forget, for a while, the lunatic games in Washington.

a devalued America
       Reaction to our nincompoop president's withdrawal from the Paris accords proves a couple of things. The US has lost its status as the leader of the free world. World leaders are laughing at the camera hog with orange skin, bleached hair and fried chicken for brains. They've made it clear the US no longer leads nor can be trusted.
       What may be worse for the trump gang is that corporations, cities, states, and business alliances are saying sorry bozo-we'll do the work of the Paris accords on our own.
       It has been an historic sequence to watch these facets of the American culture step up to say, "be the bonehead you want to be mr idiot, but we are going ahead and skip right past you and do exactly what we should-which is flip you off and work to control greenhouse gasses."
      There needs to be an accounting if you are one of those disenchanted, forgotten, angry Americans who supported the sexual predator, liar, business failure, cheat and reality television star. What is it about the fact that almost every major corporation and every other nation on earth, except Syria and Nicaragua (even North Korea and Russia) endorsed the accords that is lost on you? What makes you think this blundering amateur bozo knows what he is doing? What? What keeps anyone but the most numbskulled loyal to him?
     History will record this as a season of idiocy and fever. Unless politicians and people renounce the bozo and his corrupt ways, they will be recorded forever in history as being spineless, stupid, corrupt, or all of the above. Trump leads only to the ash heap and ignominy. No one of intelligence,  integrity or morality follows. 

     These remain days that require judgement and voice. The majority of Americans need to be heard.

     See you down the trail.   


  1. Loved this: "...the camera hog with orange skin, bleached hair and fried chicken for brains."

  2. And what a time the democratic party chose to be fractured and largely ineffective.

  3. I just returned from overseas where people are scratching their heads and wondering if America has gone insane. I just hope our institutions of government, which Trump is now attacking, are strong enough to defend us.
    Great pictures of a place special to me. I saw it the year it opened to the public in 1961.

  4. Fantastic photos from Xanadu! Hearst figured out how to leave a real signature that would outlast newsprint (although he does deserve partial credit for creating fake news)