Tuesday, September 13, 2016


dispatches from planet htrae
and the ASU

   Far, far away from a galaxy on the other side of the mirror we are getting distress signals. Everything is out of focus.
     The elpoep of htrae and the nation of ASU face a terrible choice. The quadrennial hoot and toot tumble is under way and they must decide between the shelion and the cheeto vulgarian. It seems more elpoep of ASU dislike their hoot and toot choices than approve. They cry and moan and wonder how in the dlrow did it come to this? It is as if the sky is falling on us, they lament. And our feet hurt, they say. On htrae they think with their feet and stand on their head.
      "Out of all of the elope in ASU this is the best we can do?" is the question on everyone's dnim.
      No one has an answer for that, not even the great and wise sages of htrae.
       Democracy (Demo) and Republic (Repu), as you can see, have been fenced in. The elpoep of ASU worry that Demo and Repu are being sold down the river to the highest bidder. They'll be glue and dog food if either the shelion or the cheeto vulgarian get to ride the power glide. It'll bring a purple rain they fear.
        The hooting and tooting of the tumble has been underway for months and the elpoep are lining up for trips to diversion land, the happiest place on htrae.
      Once they get through the magic rings and into diversion land, all of the chatter of the hoot and toot tumble disappears.
      But alas the bliss is only short lived. Soon all of the elpoep of ASU are awakened by a poke in the eye as the media blast the hooting and tooting until a fatigued sleep comes again to the rescue. They dream of a distant planet, much like their own where they are told the streets are gold, the air waves free and clear, the citizens are peaceful and politicians are in cages.

      It is only a dream the shelion and the cheeto vulgarian say. "There is no better place" or "we can make it great again" they say. 
      The elpoep of ASU have trouble believing either of them, or believing their eyes. Really? they question. This is the best we can do? Are Demo and Repu doomed?  Is there nothing we can do? They consult their charts.
      What fate awaits the gentle elpoep of ASU?  
      To be continued on the other side of a mirror near you.

       In the meantime, see you down the trail. For those of you reading this on htrae, that would be down the liart.  


  1. Oh my. The power scramble has turned reached you and turned you into a psycho-babbler. Keep the faith, baby, there are only 8 weeks left.

    1. Faith is being kept and the calendar is being watched.

  2. Ted Geisel has nothing on you TC!

    You have always been sort of Loraxian in your perspective. Keep writing ....

    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
    nothing is going to get better. It's not.

    1. Thank you. Being a Lorax is a good thing. We remind you though
      "be careful of which way you lean." That is after all the direction you fall.

  3. Ha!!! For a minute I thought I might be having a stroke. At least I can still count all of my fingers. Take care.

  4. "elpoep of ASU" --decidedly a jumble right now. You present your view with admirable skill, and accuracy.

  5. Hm. well, you may not be the once-ler, but we may be asking you to grow a Truffla or two, so we can get some Thneeds.


    1. No, not the onceler..not indeed. But Threads, indeed.
      Wonderful to know how many Geisel folks there are.