Saturday, September 17, 2016


oracle speaks
      We return to the other side of the mirror where the great hoot and toot Tumble continues. 
      They've gone to seek the words of the oracle.

      The oracle regards the principal combatants in the Tumble, the Shelion and the Cheeto Vulgarian.
      She reads the scene.

       What will come is from the past. Who you are shapes who you will be. This is what I see.
      Some would rather support an insensitive, serial liar, who ridicules and demeans, who has uttered racist, sexist, bigoted remarks, who completes a full sentence or complex thought when it is written for him, who has no government experience, who is a full blown egoist and a practitioner of egoism, accused of cheating employees and former partners, who has taken advantage of bankruptcy law for a profit and who brags about it, who's businesses have been charged with fraud, who exports jobs to low paying foreign markets, who has no foreign policy experience, who does business with Russian interests, who celebrates strongman and king of the oligarchs Vladimir Putin, who also is known to encourage violence, who is a hustler and deal maker, and other such credential


      an unpopular education and child welfare advocate, first lady, Senator, Secretary of State, who has been hounded  for decades by right wing pressure, alleged to be an opportunist, accused of scurrilous judgement by those who think differentlywho's motivations are so frequently second guessed she is closed, guarded and has trouble with being authentic, who was subjected to a multi million dollar, multi year investigation by a special prosecutor that brought not even a whiff of a charge, FBI investigated and passed, who wants to make history, is a Methodist grandmother who's husband is a former president and an historic philanderer

     These are strange alternatives, how did this come to be?

      "It is complicated" the chorus replied. "But there is much anger among us."

       This is obvious. Trying to compare these two is like comparing apples and pizza rats.
        Look at what the cosmic tea leaves show you. See who these people are. What you see is what you get.
       It appears those who are angry and who will vote for the Cheeto Vulgarian betray the principles of decency in exchange for a change. The change that follows a motivation of such anger will bring about more anger, and on itself too. 
       You release dark forces when you celebrate such self idolatry, dishonesty, insensitivity and hatred. When you give power to the most base of instincts and use such inappropriate behavior you lower your worth and value and make the horrible possible. History shows that, time and time again. 
       Disliking the Shelion is not a reason to vote for the Cheeto Vulgarian. No dislike or distrust can be worth going back on the values a nation professes

           "Oh, we are worried. There seems to be so much lunacy here," the chorus said in parting.

      When they left,the oracle ordered a drink,  "make that a double!"

       And all of this just on the other side of the mirror.

       See you down the trail.


  1. Hi Tom. I printed a few copies of your piece to give to a few Trumpies whom you know. On second thought, however, I think there's a better chance of them reading it if you were to submit it to the Cambrian in the form of a letter. I hope you'll do so. Won't make any difference in California, but it would make me feel better. Well said. Rick

    1. Thanks Rick. I suspect those Trumpies would take exception, no matter where they read it.

  2. Very well written. Both candidates are flawed, but I prefer the flaws of the person who has been in the arena taking the slings and arrows for years.

    1. Hillary is flawed in that she has taken personally the hate and drivel that has been directed her way since 'whitewater'. Not one iota, as Tom indicated, has ever, ever been vindicated. Nonetheless, people keep referring to her as 'flawed', or continue to call her 'untrustworthy'. Jesus Christ on a Stick. What does the woman have to do to convince people that she is what she is? A dedicated representative of the United States, in the second most important role, SecState, and as the First Lady???
      Christ all friday, people, news, blogs, etc talk about her as 'untrustworthy'. Christ fucking above, have you not looked at her opponent in this race????
      I astounds me, it really does.


    2. Eww, got carried away a bit did I? Apologies Tom, feel free to delete this, it's your blog, I have no right to respond to your comments. Apologies.

    3. Stephen-
      Thanks. At least we know there is one adult in the duo. And you know where she stands.

    4. Mike-
      Passion and caring is a good thing. This is a blog where free speech exists. Thanks for your attention.

  3. Excellent post, Tom. My hope, like yours, is that this election leaves us with a president who, despite flaws, will preserve government by discussion.

  4. Thanks Geo.
    I also hope the majority of voting citizens will truly examine the nature of each candidate, seriously.

  5. I'm including an email from a longtime friend. I admire his intellect and his devotion to public service. We've had many wonderful conversations. I am not including his name because he wrote me privately, but because of my respect for him I am including his thoughts here.

    "Your friendship over nearly half a century means far too much to sever our relationship, but the over the top hate speech of Secretary Clinton and her pathological, serial documented deceptions goes well beyond the puerile rhetoric even of Donald Trump. She has eviscerated the Democratic Party I knew and respected...people like Terry Sanford, Daniel P Moynihan, Joe Kernan, Joe Hogsett and Frank O'Bannon. I will resume as a faithful reader after the election."