Saturday, September 3, 2016

Close to Home

proud hubby
    The big weekend in Cambria got a little bigger when Lana won first place in the annual 927 Unconventional Art Show.
    Her WADING FOR EQUALITY is a paper mache sculpture featuring faces of women- family, friends, rights pioneers and powerful women. She is wearing boots and wading on a sea of issues; body image, under representation, reproductive rights, rape, sexual harassment, glass ceiling, equal pay and pregnancy leave.
     Judge Sam Peck called it "highly topical feminist art."
You can link here to see other award winners in the 927 Show.  It was begun in this art colony back in the early 70's as a place for wacky, ironic, zany and satirical art, often with an edge or political note.
     Doubly proud of Lana this weekend because she was also
a "biker chick" in Cambria's annual Pinedorado Weekend Parade.
      Frequent readers may recall that our parade is homegrown. There are traditional marching units and then there are some that are organic in a uniquely Cambrian way. In some cases there is no explanation.
      You may remember it begins and ends with the Calliope.

   The Cambria Garden Club Unit got my attention.  Lana is reprising one of their earlier presentations-The Blooming Biker Babes!

    One of the day's highlights was this little dear who simply could not stop dancing to the passing music. This little princess belongs to the local Gowdy family.

   We know for a fact that the pilot here, Glen, has put this machine through the paces on some high performance tracks.

 A crowd favorite is the Slabtown Rollers who stop along the route to serenade the crowd.

   Sometimes it is a family thing. Everyone in the act.

  An historical note to the frame below. The PCWT is the Pacific Coast Wine Trail and is on the path to becoming one of the world's most unique appellations. All of these vineyards are within a few miles of the Pacific Ocean.
   As noted previously, sometimes there is no explanation.

   This Cal Fire unit drew applause and cheers along the entire route. With the Chimney Fire fresh in mind everyone wanted to celebrate this representative of the "heroes."

    The Post Scripts

     Have  great labor day holiday.  

      See you down the trail.


  1. Seems like quite a bunch of whackos over there but then we've always heard that about California.

  2. What a wonderful parade! Cal-Fire heroes, beautiful biker chick, dancing doll at curbside, people...people doing happy things down the road, I mean trail. Thank you for this, and thank Lana for the most skillful and thoughtful sculpture --which most definitely deserved 1st place.

    1. Lana and I appreciate the kind words. Happy is good to share.

  3. Thanks for all the great pictures, and congratulations to Lana for that prestigious award.

    1. Lana thanks you for the congrats! Happy to share those photos. It is an image rich parade.

  4. Great pictures, looks like a fine time. I haven't seen a Nash Metropolitan in ages.

    1. A fine time. The Nash is a rarity. A fellow has a Moon car, circa 1912(?)-hope he puts it in the parade some year.

  5. Congrats Lana!! We loved the art when we saw it and it deserved first prize!
    As for the parade .... what a hoot. Lana as a tatted up biker babe runs somewhat counter to the theme of her art .... we'll just call it .... irony with intent.

    1. You were early viewer/reactors to the piece.
      To the irony- at the parades end in west village, Lana walked back to east village, in costume.
      "irony with intent" is brilliant!

  6. Replies
    1. I'll pass along your cheer. Hope all is well in the old homeland.