Saturday, December 25, 2010


By the time Christmas arrives on the Pacific Coast, the festivities have begun to fade in other time zones. The special day and mood moves across the land like light, spanning into the west. It is like a ribbon, decorating our memories with traditions, customs, food, drink, song, worship and images as it wraps this terrestrial sphere and for a moment suspends time.  

Again this year, another actor on another stage hosted a lame or frail child onto his shoulders so the lad could proclaim "God Bless us all!"  If it was not Tiny Tim, it may have been the dance of the Sugar Plum Ferries, or the cheer of Silver Bells or the bliss of Silent Night.  There is a bit of magic at work and we celebrate it in ways as diverse as we are.
Some where from my DNA is an image of a Manor Hall, swathed in festive green, with candle lit side boards full of food and sweets and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Let Nothing Ye dismay.  I also remember my mother, during a tough year, painting a mirror with a bonami snow scene and in a moment the world was perfect and all was right.

Thanks to those of you who have welcomed me to the world of blogging and to those who have said they will follow these Light Breezes.  Special appreciation to a long time friend and, it seems, a perpetual mentor.  You know him as Catalyst.  I know him as a fellow who must have spent time with the elves, especially the rebellious lot.

At our place, the festive day has begun to fade into the evening as rain soaks the cloud enshrouded Santa Lucia Mountains.  The fireplace glows and the Holiday music has now turned to jazz by Paul Desmond and another stocking stuffer, the vibrancy of Tito Puente.
Christmas 2010 begins its quiet journey to where it joins all those that have gone before to await an opening in a new year.  Charles Dicken's reminded us we should keep Christmas in our heart all year, and so we should, but we rarely do.  So Christmas will wait, to again remind us of the children we were, and could be.  Joy and Peace.


  1. A rebellious lot of elves? Me? Surely not. Merry Christmas, amigo.

  2. Merry Christmas from the soggy southland!! Glad you are now blogging....