Saturday, November 24, 2018


 Winter has come to the California central coast.
  Christmas season has come to the Cochrun home, the creche is on the mantle.
    Since the girls were young the tree comes soon after Thanksgiving and this year we were fortunate to get an early gift of rain.
   And we commence our dreams of a green Christmas,

   Back in Indiana a rainy, misty day was not always a source of joy. We value those things that are rare.
    We used to make a journey over the river and through the woods to the magical twinkle shop at Watts Christmas Tree Farm. Grand daughter Addie finds the magic at the Christmas shop at the Cambria Nursery

   We'll see more from here in the days ahead. In the meantime we watch the forecast and the promise of more rain-a seasonal blessing here in the Republic.

    These are storm clouds in which we delight. The clouds over Washington bring a storm of another sort. 
rousting the rogue
   Mandated by Congress, the White House was forced to release a report issued by 13 federal agencies and because it flies in the face of the bogus claims of the rogue President, they tried to bury it. 
    Once citizens sober up from the shopping and feasting binge they will face the chilling the facts that were released the day after Thanksgiving. The findings are directly at odds with Trump administrations program of environmental deregulation. 
     The American economy will also suffer, unless steps are taken quickly to deal with global climate change. The 16 hundred pages lay out the devastation that will come to human health, the environment and the economy. 
      I doubt that Donald Trump or any of his ardent supporters will take the time to read the report. As we have seen in the last two years they live in a world of lies and fantasy and vented anger. I am angry too because my grand children will live in a world made worse by the stupidity of Trump and his supporters. 
      I agree with Tusli Gabbard, the veteran and congresswoman from Hawaii who called him a "Saudi bitch," and with those in the intelligence and military community who called him a "traitor." From before the election he has functioned as a "Russian stooge." Now he is a killer of children yet unborn who will likely inherit a damaged world. I am also angry that his legion of angry followers have no trouble with him undertaking the unprecedented action of challenging the legitimacy of the federal judiciary and a robust free press.
       He is not just stupid, unfit, unqualified, he is increasingly dangerous. Every day he remains in office he threatens the future. 
    Now we'll watch the Fox News Channel propagandists
and his angry, no-mind-of-their-own cult of followers try to talk back to 13 Federal agencies who are trying to warn the world. In Trumpland their own opinions are more important than facts or science. The lies and empty promises of their malignant leader are all they need. And that's all they get, lies and empty blather from an unsound and evil man.
    Storm clouds indeed!

     See you down the trail.


  1. Nice to see you're filled with the spirit of Christmas. ;^/

  2. I hear Wilber Ross is thinking of going into the coal fired home furnace business.

    On the home front we bought two more Santas today. They join the other two we already have and at last count, we have three Christmas trees up. I'll keep you posted as the decorating continues...

  3. Some great pics as usual. The global warming trends will create refugee caravans on an epic scale by flooding major cities around the world and a lot of Trump's mortgaged real estate. Hope young minds and new technology can help save us

  4. The problem is NOT that they (pro-trumpets) can't tell lies from truth, it's that they don't care. Trump is their team; anti-trump is their enemy. No questions asked or answered. An old saying I heard way too much growing up in the south: "My mind's made up. Don't confuse me with facts."