Monday, October 2, 2017


    A horrified and heart broken nation must endure more needless pain as the NRA whores for more of their gun industry pimps.

    The NRA, more than anything else, has twisted and distorted the constitution. They've done it for money.
     Legislation is now pending that would make suppressors more readily available in the US.
Photo by Niki Chan Wylie for NPR
      They are also called "silencers." What you need to know about silencers is what you've seen in film, television or have read about in fiction.
      The gun industry is now trying to say silencers will protect the hearing of hunters. That is Wayne LaPierre style bull shit at it's million dollar best. There are other ways hunters can protect their ears.
     Suppressors also suppress flash, meaning in a situation like Las Vegas a silencer would have made it more difficult for law enforcement to sight where the shooter was. 
     The only people who "need" silencers are assassins or criminals, or the agents of government trying to combat them.
      The NRA may once have provided an important role in American culture. That ended when they became shills for the gun industry. They lie and they distort and they help kill.
      I hold Wayne LaPierre partially responsible for the Las Vegas slaughter. I add to that those members of the US Congress who defeated gun tightening legislation that followed the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Newtown. The majority of Americans wanted the legislation and it looked as though lawmakers got the message. That is until LaPierre and the NRA began spreading their favors. They enable terror. Their fingerprints are all over Las Vegas.

      See you down the trail. 


  1. Thanks, Tom. But you're preaching to the choir.

  2. Couldn't agree more with any part of what you said, Tom. The nra (won't capitalize any acronym of theirs) has become a symbol of the worst of america, and the shill of the gun industry. Agreed.
    What I don't see happening is any push back against them. Sandy Hook erased all hope. Nothing, not this latest atrocity, nor the ones that come in the future, and there will be more, will change the apathy the american public have, nor the servitude of our representatives have, to the nra.
    I wish I had hope, but nothing that has happened in the last years support that, and our current president is proof that it won't happen.

  3. I can't disagree with anything you've written.

  4. Agree totally Tom. Challenge is to find a majority of both Houses that want to DO SOMETHING. Wow, what a tough era we live in. I kinda wonder how long, how much, do we have to put up with until it is enough.

  5. As smitty09876 said: how long.

  6. Right on Tom. So maddening. What do we do to fix this? The world is so upside down

  7. I keep thinking we've hit bottom, but there's no proof of that yet. Maybe The Fates are finally making us pay for our Indian atrocities.

  8. As the Obion put it, "There's nothing we can do about mass shootings" says the only country in the world where they happen.

  9. Assault rifles are essentially banned from individual use in Canada unless people are in law enforcement and If there are any exceptions you have to undergo at least a month special training. And of course be licensed. The Canadians must think our gun laws are idiotic. Very few mass murders have ever occurred there compared to here. Don't have all the figures handy as I'm traveling, ironically just went through western Nevada yesterday. Book at. does have details.

  10. I have been a member of the NRA for years, I will not be te-newing my membership.