Friday, May 12, 2017


corrupt? stupid?
    The mob of fools who are the trump administration seem hell bent on being the nethermost boundary of incompetence in American history.
     One senses the gravity when the old war horse Charlie Rose asks, "do we face a constitutional crisis?" Constitutional crisis! The least qualified, least experienced and least fit president has done so much to unglue and desecrate two centuries of American tradition and history it is as though what parades before us is a perverse cartoon, with life altering impact. In 5 months he's brought us to the point where the Rose question is valid.
     Jefferson Sessions luckily escaped his racist past to get the job of Attorney General. In reading the power tea leaves he assessed his own involvement in the trump campaign and the chilly Russian winds and he recused himself from any involvement in any current or future investigation of the Russian invasion of American politics. That he did until he asked the president to fire the man who was directing this nation's investigation into the Russian intrigue. By calling for FBI Directory Comey's dismissal, Sessions may well have obstructed justice, complicit with the fool who is our likely illegitimate president. Yes, crisis is a good word. 

      This gaggle of swamp dwellers, aside from being colossal fools and would be tin horn dictators, are liars. They are liars of profound proclivity. And they act as though they can say they will recuse themselves and then foul the constitution by firing the FBI director or promise to release their taxes and never do so, etc. 
      You may debate Comey's role in the presidential election or his personality, but the man is due a modicum of respect if for no other reason than his position and his years of service. The manner of his firing is a disgrace and the sure sign of a coward. Donald Trump dissed not only the Director but all of the men and women of the FBI.
     This is gut check time for Republicans. Will they put party interests over that of the nation and let Trump snuff out the investigation into the Russian invasion of American politics? 
      It is time for an independent prosecutor or investigation.
      A dear friend of mine keeps asking, "Why aren't we rioting in the streets?"
behold the fava
      You may recall an earlier post on our bountiful fava bean crop. Here's the follow-up report.
     There are still a few beans left, but Lana harvested most of them.
       They are extraordinarily labor intensive. Getting them out of the outer shell is step 1
      Here is where fava fans begin to differ. I'm told Italian and English preference is to use the bean with the outer cellulose packaging. The French like to liberate the essential bean, and that means more work. We prefer the French method. The discarded inner husk is on the left. The free bean on the right.
    Hours later, the harvested, shucked, shelled beans are packaged for freezing. We have our favorite recipes, but that is for another post. 
      See you down the trail.


  1. one sight of those beans and I can taste the special Cochrun 3-sausage blend over orecchiette. Hope that is first on the list of fav fava recipes!!

  2. I wish I felt more confident in the American people, and the stability and strength of our governmental institutions. I don't. I think Trump has come along at a time, when like Mussolini, he can simply bypass or overrule the existing laws and constitutional norms.
    I will not be surprised to find, esp. if the mid-terms go against the GOP, to find 'emergency restrictions' in place, and other things that switch power to the executive branch.
    I don't think we, as a people, are capable of 'taking to the streets', with the exceptions of our younger generation.
    I think we have an interesting time ahead, and I don't think our government will, in two years, look the same as it is now.

  3. I can only echo Mike's comments over this one and compliment your inclusion of fava beans to keep us grounded and unified in reason. These are the sort of times that I remember reading centuries-old warnings about in high school history and civics. But I believe the Thos. Jefferson quote (+or-) along the lines of "although I am an old man, I am a young gardener." is extremely important in unifying people.