Monday, February 20, 2017

For the Birds- Wrong Words-and New Trump Therapy

    As we learn, life is a series of trade offs.
     Drought ending soakings may lead to slides, closings and road collapses.
 (Santa Rosa Creek Rd-Cambria down to one lane here-washed out further east)
There is flooding, downed trees and leaks, but as the water tables rise we see new sights.
     The Egret population swelled as creeks have become ponds...
       Gulls seem in perpetual frenzy in wind whipped waves and over flowing stream entry to the Pacific...

    Some days it's easy to say life is for the birds

and some days are for anger management
     Before we go any further history calls on "enemy of the people."
    The Roman Senate called emperor Nero an enemy of the public in 68AD. That is probably its first use. It has a sinister and bloody history.
     Maximilien Robespierre, a leader in the French Reign of Terror (think A Tale of Two Cities) said the enemy of the people is "owed nothing but death." That was in 1795.
     Vladimir Lenin used the phrase in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the founding of the Communist Party. He paid tribute to Robespierre who engineered a radical "purification" of politics by killing enemies. 
      Stalin and Hitler used the phrase in persecuting and killing their enemies.
      Chinese Communist leader Mao used the term in identifying those he sought to eliminate. 
      More recently the term has been used by thug dictators and strongmen in repressive regimes and governments. No one with integrity uses the phrase, no one you can trust.
      It has become Donald Trump's new favorite.
      Classless or clueless? Deplorable in either case. A warning?
                                political karma

     Ponder now a bit of an ethical conundrum. There are some, many probably, who were not so much for anyone as seriously opposed to someone for reasons that have become obvious.
    Presently they are challenged not to say, "We told you so." It is also in poor taste to take delight in seeing this administration, explode, implode or self destruct while the bossman looks so untethered from reality as to almost earn pity were it not for the cockiness. He's got the bravado of an eighth grade drop out bully who became the insufferable bar room drunk.
    It is probably not noble to take pleasure in knowing how absolutely miserable he must be-being vilified, a laughing stock in the eyes of the world, as his approval ratings plummet to historic lows for a new POTUS. Hard times for a man of his immense ego, obsessing as he does about ratings. Don't you imagine it is crushing when his lies are challenged by reporters bearing facts-not the alternative kind-on live television. Do you think he believes himself?
     He's probably never been in a situation where an underling says "sorry boss, that's not so" or "no that wasn't just wonderful, it bombed!"  Old Washington hand Ed Rollins says that's what he needs--someone to say "your wrong...that's not true..."  Rollins, who worked with Reagan and Bush, said he had hopes for Trump. Scandal, firings, rejections, investigations, leaks from his own staff, the national security and intelligence community refusing to fully brief him and calling him unfit have created a rumpus that could signal the beginning of a crisis of government. 
      The world community doesn't know what to make of it, wondering if America has lost its mind, how did that amateur take over? Putin is said to be pleased. After rigging the election he sees America distracted and loosing confidence in it's leadership. That gives him room and opportunity.
     The investigations are needed to understand and clarify the nature of the Trump relationship with the Russian intrusion. 
     While it may be poetic justice, seeing people being chewed up by their own incompetence, it is also worrisome because he's still in charge. His attack on the media-"the enemy of the people" truly is straight out of the playbook of dictators. It was also the first stage of rolling back a free press and empowering "State Media"  by a thug named Putin. Hmmmm! 
      But for the time being it's a bit like seeing that loud mouth bully get his clock cleaned.

     As we've been noting---uncertain times and terrain.

    See you down the trail.



  1. Your birds are flocking and mocking. Nice pix.

  2. Tom,
    Right on point as usual. We are in very close agreement on most things above particularly the horror that we see in our POTUS, unprepared, thin-skinned, ego driven, brash, proud of his inability to learn and grow, his swollen self image...just an impossible man to even imagine being around. This is the first time I have actually felt the feelings of hate. Most unpleasant and disconcerting to say the least.
    A few counter points: I don't believe that he can "hear" anyone around him say that facts don't support his feelings. The man-child has created his own fantasy world and thus, at least to me, is unable to hear anything that runs counter to his world image.
    Further, I would suspect that Putin is in fact nervous in his own sort of way. How does he deal with and form a relationship with this POTUS who is so unpredictable and flighty. While I agree that Putin would love to form a partnership with Trump, how does Putin knows which Trump shows up and further, which Trump stays in the relationship.
    Just a few thoughts from the cheap seats.
    You are doing a great service at tackling this stuff. Love to "hear" and read what you have to to you, Ralph

    1. Ralph, thanks for the thoughts. Your view of Putin being nervous is interesting and I had not considered that. It is a bit like the case of being careful what you wish for.
      It appears the evidence is strong that Russia tried to hack and manipulate the election. It is my assumption they were tilting it toward Trump, because of his deficits especially in sophisticated diplomacy, but they may now realize he is a loose cannon.
      Thanks for the kind words. Best to you.

  3. What? President Trump does not have the same First Amendment rights as the liberal, left wing media and bloggers? The same media that colluded with the Hilary campaign in a desperate attempt to defeat Trump. When Congress passes legislation to repeal the First Amendment outlawing the free press and Trump signs it you can resubmit your case.

    1. Better liberal than illiberal and better progressive than regressive, but that is beside the point. No one is trimming the idiot's right to free speech, though he seeks to shut up others "sit down, sit down that's enough." The only media collusion was Jeff Zucker at CNN putting up a countdown clock with a running time until the idiot's next speech. They aided and abetted the ascension of the idiot by giving him time-and certainly more than his fair share and by never pressing him or HRC on serious issues. The media permitted the campaign to digress to things about size of hands, and lock her up, and Lazy Jed and Lyin Ted, and etc. The choices for President came down to the lesser of two evils. Evils. The worst of the Evils won, thanks only the electoral college which rewarded a minority of voters and has imposed on America a cretin, predator, liar and ego maniac who could destroy all life on this planet in 10 minutes. The people-the majority- rejected him. The pros-the intel and national security community rejected him. But he still has a chance to tweet and speak his mind -such as that is-unfettered. All I was saying is that the majority of people and the majority of the media-in the world-see him for the untethered looney he is.
      Truth hurts. But the point is, no is trying to shut him up. I would just love to go
      three rounds in a ring with the fat ass, big mouth, rich boy, sexual predator wimp. But Hey, I'm not against his speaking out. The more he does the more his idiocy and incompetence becomes apparent.