Monday, November 7, 2016

Going Coastal

Fall on the Cambria coast

the coastal ice plant is wearing its fall colors

the fat lady may not sing
     From the blogosphere to the mainstream media there have been collective sighs that our electoral night mare is about over. Don't pop the champaign corks yet.
     As someone who has loved politics since I crashed state conventions in high school and as someone who was paid to pay attention to the whole business, I will share an 11th hour thought. Buckle up and hold on.
     This Presidential election is evidence of how broken and fallen is our body politic. I love public policy and our democratic republic. I am a realist and a pragmatist, but when our American Idealism is as trashed as it is, we are off course and in deep water.
     Wouldn't it be nice to think that after Tuesday night both sides will bury the hatchet and begin focusing on making these states United again. 
      Should Trump win do you think Democrats in the Senate and House will stand by and watch him begin a mass deportation, nominate judges committed to rolling back Roe vs. Wade, flip off NATO partners, build a wall or let the many law suits and allegations against him from fraud to sexual assault just go away. Or do you think if Clinton wins the knuckleheads of the Liberty caucus will suddenly believe in the federal government, or will let her e-mail server go away. 
     Trump is riding a wave of anger and frustration, just as Bernie Sanders was. But aside from those angry and frustrated citizens, Trump has the support of overt racists, white supremacists, anti Semitic and anti Muslim extremists, misogynists and anti government terrorists. Perhaps the angry and frustrated will accept the election results, but that portion of the Trump voters who are the anti social, dangerous, criminals they are will not likely slither back to the rocks from whence they emerged when Trump unleashed the vulgar and hate filled political demons. He has energized them and even given them legitimacy. His top advisor is an alt-right godfather. His pandering took this nation into a dangerous place and created a shroud of hate that will hang over this nation until the haters, the real haters, are dealt with.
     The 2016 election is a low point in American history. We are broken and morally bankrupt. We need heavy doses of vision, idealism, compassion and healing. Who is up for that?
      See you down the trail.


  1. Curiousity fills me with that picture in Pismo Beach.

  2. I wonder, Tom, about the people who I've heard on the media, mainly NPR, admittedly liberal despite their denials, say "I identify more with his ideals", this from women. Or, "I think his goals are more like mine." No shit....deportation of muslims, or just anyone who ain't white and conservative??
    I think the main thing the Trump campaign has done is gotten the maggots out from under the rocks, and they have morphed into pupae, from there....dung beetles.
    But, they ain't goin' away.
    I never thought, lo those many years ago when I was a grad student and Cary was a MS social worker, this is what I'd be faced with at 71. Never woulda thought.

    1. For years people have been throwing around the phrase "the dumbing down of America." This year is the proof. Even if a person despises HRC, there are still a number of strong reasons not to vote for Trump. To do so, in my opinion, reveals a huge gap in logic, intellect or a major character flaw. BTW, I like the idea of the Trump nation of Dung Beetles.

  3. The winner of this presidential race will face a country almost as divided as the one Lincoln faced in 1860.

  4. I believe you are sadly right in that assessment. Tough road ahead for the US.

  5. But it is not noteworthy that the media blames Trump for the attachment and support of the KKK and other racists but ignores and absolves Obama/Hilary politics for both statements and lack of statements that encourage the cold blooded murder of police officers in multiple cities of our country.

    None of this looks at the bigger picture of the struggle of the every day plain vanilla American against the ever more engulfing and elitist government establishment that has its own rules for the elitist establishment players.

  6. Trump pandered to the racists and hired a campaign director from the Alt-right which by police and national security estimates is fringe and includes a coalition of anti Semites, domestic terrorists and others who espouse Anti American values. That is factual. Your statements regarding Clinton and Obama is subjective, inflammatory and not substantiated.

    I have posted previously on a number of occasions about the insular attitude of our legislative branch. I have frequently said congressional action is now a commercial enterprise bought and paid for by the big money interests. Electoral politics is a business, an industry and produces all too many elected officials who are then in place to do the bidding of special interests, mostly corporate, but also private and union supported.

    1. I should hasten to add contemporary America is more than "plain Vanilla." We are a nation of diverse birth right, culture and heritage. It is my hunch that many of your "plain Vanilla" citizens are uncomfortable with the changing face, demographic, preference and culture of the US.