Thursday, December 6, 2012


      An advantage of a life in journalism is friends from every political persuasion.  My Republican friends have been singing the blues, but one fellow in particular says the party is likely to be locked out of the White House for many years.  I'm not so sure of that, but I agree that some of the self loathing is on target.
      Recent polls show most Americans blame Republicans for the self imposed flagellation called a fiscal cliff. Business people worry the Republicans will refuse to budge and will be the reason for another recession. The sequestration mean massive cuts to defense spending, some of which could have negative impact on national security. He says the party will be blamed for that.
      My friend believes the public impression is that Republicans are sore losers.  President Obama's re election validated his economic view of the future.  He notes that before the election the Fox News Analysts were predicting a Romney "landslide."  Ironically the numbers they cited were less than the Obama "mandate" in both popular and electoral college votes.  He also talks about the "Fox effect."
      The Fox News right of center tilt and punditry post, amplifies everything.  The Republican and Fox position was rejected by a majority of Americans, but they appear to be unable to bend to the will of the majority and accept defeat.  
      What about all of the Republicans returned to the house where they maintain a majority I asked?  First he said, the House is a "joke" populated by "dimwits" and "bull shit artists" of both parties.  As for the double message of an Obama win and a re-election of a Republican majority-  some of that is just the way districts are drawn but "even the biggest fool should understand that."  Or he adds, "it's like the voters say we like you and what you've done for us, but pay attention to the big picture."
      I've noticed that he and a handful of other long time-I call them centrist Republicans-are not against changes in our tax code.  
      We are at the lowest tax rate in decades. Back when the rate was higher "people were still making money, corporations were earning, investments were being made."
      I asked him about who the Republican constituency is or should be.
      "That's the trouble.  We don't have one. Being the lap dog for the richest percentage of Americans won't work any more.  We need a connection with real working Americans. And we need to quit watching Fox News."
      And I would add to that tell Grover Norquist to take a long walk off a short pier.
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  1. Finally, something is said. Something is noticed. Close FOX News. Get Real. There, I said it. -w-

  2. My Fox watching, Limbaugh listening brother in law is on Medicare, collecting a state ppension and social security and he bitches about 'entitlements"....he is a proud, god fearing, patriotic, life-long Republican.

  3. Well, Tom, you have another friend who thinks differently. Of course most polls blame the Republicans. Obama spent the last 4 years demonizing them. And he’s good at blaming everyone else for his incompetence. (Bush, Rice, The CIA, Romney, Fox, etc). Obama is out to eliminate his opposition, not just beat them. (Check his electoral history) He’s an arrogant bully who knows/cares nothing about the economy but will do anything to maintain power and grow the government. His divisiveness is appalling. Yes he won, but by little more than half. The other 49% of the country voted against him. Obama ‘s criticism of Bush was that “to raise taxes in a bad economy is unpatriotic” and now he’s raising taxes. Does mainstream media call him on this? He promised a ‘balanced’ approach in negotiations but now won’t budge an inch on the entitlements that are breaking the back of the country. (Again, where is the press on this?) He originally asked for $82 billion in new taxes and now it’s up to $1.2 plus another $50 stimulus plus, plus, plus but no mention of dealing with cuts except maybe “next year.” Right! (The criticism in mainstream media is making my eyes bleed.) It will be interesting to see if Republicans fall for that one again. He’s the leader. It’s up to him to bring the parties together but he possesses neither the skills nor, I dare say, the desire.

    He hasn’t produced a budget but runs trillion dollar deficits every year and will continue to do so. What about the potential $20 trillion debt rings deaf in Democrats’s ears? Is it a joke our children will find hard to laugh at? Look at Foreign policy. He’s turned the Middle East into a chaotic mess and then runs off to Myanmar to do what? Push for the same “success?” I’m still waiting to find out where he was during the 7-hour Benghazi attack. Where’s the “situation room” photo on that one?

    Do we have time to ridicule the opposition and demonize Fox when we’ve put the world’s largest economy and the most powerful military in the hands of an incompetent fool? Of course, I blame mainstream media who continue to prop him up. I know that whoever isn’t watching Fox is not getting the full story. I’d call the talking heads on ABC, NBC and anyone else who holds a different point of view a bunch of idiots but I don’t want to sound like a Democrat! Aren’t they the party of civility? After all, Obama called for it. Too bad as a leader, he doesn’t set a better example.

  4. The blindingly self-serving mindset of modern partisan politics makes me want to PUKE!.