Monday, November 26, 2012


     A few Republican lawmakers are doing what should have been done years ago, telling the self righteous and dangerous Grover Norquist to go pound sand.
      Dangerous?  How else would you describe an ego freak who collects "pledges" from federal lawmakers to abide by his view of government or else face a challenge by a Norquist lackey, funded with millions of dollars. Norquist really believes that a pledge to him is more sacred than any oath of office, or the unfettered performance of the duties of the office to which his "pledgees" were elected. He likes to strut, bantam rooster like, before a weekly gathering of political operatives, mostly conservative and mostly Republican, who are there to kiss his keister.
      Really, where does Grover Norquist get off thinking that he alone can control Republican tax policy and votes?
Who appointed him to this extraordinary power?  By the way, Norquist is a bit of a fraud.
      He's been an associate of Jack Abramoff, the convicted power broker who found plenty of ways to use and divert federal tax funds.  He's also an associate of the phony Ralph Reed, who has ripped off and manipulated Christian rightists with his own brand of sleaze.  Why Norquist has not been tossed over simply because his association with those scum probably goes back to those pledges that he collects and his threats to unseat anyone who challenges his view.
      Norquist calls himself a boring Methodist. He is of a particular ilk of Methodist though, one who is married to a Palestinian Muslim who worked for the Islamic Free Market Institute. The Islamic Free Market Institute was founded by Norquist.  That's cozy isn't it?  The Institute also took money from two organizations that were linked to SAAR-the organization with ties to international terrorism.  Norquist should feel right at home since he employs a kind of political terror on the Republican party.  And Norquist's wife worked with USAID.  USAID of course pumps US tax dollars into foreign venues and initiatives. Boring Methodist hardly seems an apt description for such a master of double talk, phoniness, duplicity, sleaze, self aggrandizement and zealousness.  
       If the late director Alan Pakula were doing the film, Norquist would be brought down by his own self importance and fraud.  If the Wachowski's were directing Norquist would be vaporized by a drone  as he preened before the Wednesday gathering of sycophants.  But since this is real life it is men like Senator John McCain, Speaker John Boehner, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Bob Corker who may be the founding architects of the movement to depose the self exalted would be dictator.
       Senator Tom Coburn called Norquist's pledge "a tortured vision of tax purity."  The inclusion of torture and Norquist in the same sentence seems to bring this screed full circle. What goes around, comes around. 
     Proprietors of the historic Cambria Pines Lodge have 
added to their already well visited Christmas lights display.
This year they have added a Christmas Bazaar. 

     See you down the trail.


  1. If the Republicans want to move their party into the future they need to get rid of Grover Norquist, and the sooner the better. Norquist will destroy the Republican party in his zeal to crush the Federal government.

  2. Charles P. Pierce described Grover Norquist as a
    "penus wearing a tie" He comes out of that College Republican Terrorist group that spawned Rove as well. I'm so old that I remember College Republican Clubs as a group of guys who had absolutely no chance of ever getting a date. On second thought that could be said of these guys too!

    I can't let Jan see the shots of the Cambria Christmas, we'll be on the roas asap.

  3. My, my, young Tom, you're ranting and raving. All done fairly well, too. Bravo!

    As for that horrendous Christmas charade . . . well, enough said.

  4. So pleasing to see/hear you righteous rant against that fake Republican who reeled in several sycophant-swearing GOP members. Maybe now they can see the wrong-ness of their ways?

    Your colorful critique is unusual to see in print, but very welcome. Thnx. So are the colorful Cambria lights welcome. Thnx again.