Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Quantum Nap

        Is it my reading and viewing list, or have you too noted there's a lot of recent information out there about quantum physics, quantum computing and how things quantum make the potential of "multiverses" something more than fodder for science fiction?

        It's all a push for my pragmatic sense of things and my hard headed desire to "understand." 

        A recent science article and an Apple television series had me puzzling through the idea of "alternative realities" when the moon shadows seized my attention. I grabbed a camera and got a frame of myself standing on our upper deck, in the world of shadows. I haven't worked out how the distant Pacific surf may have sounded in that shadow universe, nor do I know what would become of that shadow reality if I, or someone, had not seen, observed or photographed it.

        What marvelous riddles, and possibilities there are!  And what potential there is for those to whom the future belongs. Still, there is that nagging human problem about learning-learning from our past and from our frequently misguided ways.

        But for now, a deep dive into the present here on the California central coast and in Lana's garden, all, appreciative of the season's rain.  

Is it one or many?

           The peas are growing well. 
         Lana complains the hillside is too full of weeds-she has had back issues and her weed eradication effort has been slowed. I continue my more than half a century protest that weeds are also life and provide their own contributions to the blue sphere. Alternate realities, eh? But Green is green.

        Our youngest of the brood, Sunny is enjoying the return of the Sun...     

The old tiger gal, Joy, is particularly taken with the beds near the front walk

    And the old boy Hemingway, our polydactyl, would be Garfield, does what he enjoys most, next to eating. Naps tend to make a lot of sense to me these days as well.
    Madmen still make war, a taste for power has driven a whole political cult into a trance of stupefaction and insensibility, and we've unleashed machine learning and artificial intelligence experiments on our children. Phones, screens and social media are rewiring our brains and undoing society. 
    It's like the meme, "Here hold my beer"  while we blindly jump into the next thing, never mind we have forgotten the word consequence and the mere idea of forethought.
    Yea, naps are a good alternative reality.

          Summon your wits good people, gird your loins and activate that life of experience and learning. 
        Our hand are no longer on the throttles of power, but we have voice and a vote and we are still to be reckoned with. There are facts to note, truth to tell and a Republic to defend between now and November. 
        We know this drill, we can still answer the call, and we'll be effective, if we take our nap and remember our meds. 
        Be of good cheer, we have the cosmos and eternity set in our hearts.

        See you down the trail.


  1. Tom / Lana
    The hillside looks wonderful and great photograph kills all unwanted weeds. We’re back home and enjoying the new place!

  2. Thank you for this lovely post. Here in the coastal Pacific Northwest, spring is burgeoning and glorious. My "push for my pragmatic sense of things" makes it hard for me to grasp Quantumness also, and I'm not trying very hard anymore. It's hard enough trying to understand the thinking of those who I will be opposing with my still potent vote.

  3. Spooky action -- a real mindblower. Your place looks so beautiful.

  4. In my last years working, I consulted for a company in the health care field, advising on the clinical trials work they were doing for pharmaceutical companies. At one point, they 'reorganized', and re-named the company 'Quantum Research' the next board meeting, I asked if they had looked at the meaning of 'quantum'...when they looked puzzled, I said 'So, we're doing very small research now?'. It didn't sit well.

  5. Beautiful garden