Thursday, September 1, 2022


         I've been "experimenting," playing around, with shots of the night sky, lit by the moon and stars.
      I'm fascinated by the light play. These shots are best seen on larger screens, enabling a "painterly" feel.

      Shooting them is fun. The brace of the Pacific air and the canopy of stars are healthy. It's an antidote to my worry about a nuke plant being the middle of a war.
        The Nocturnal Ledger.........
        There is no good future without treaties or a strong international alliance to intervene. 
        Critical infrastructure anywhere with impact of a global scale needs protecting.

        This part of the California central coast has been blessed with fog, despite the drought. The heat on the other side of the Santa Lucia mountains draws marine air into the valleys leaving rivers of fog. There are nights with stars overhead while fog shrouds trees, and vegetation, even here on the ridge.

        The Nocturnal Ledger....
             The secret documents at Mar-a-Lago should mean strong justice and penalty. Knowing what we do, it's not hard to believe he was using our national secrets for his advantage. Treason is easy to believe. Is there anything at all that dissuades you of the notion? 
            Holding him accountable would be good medicine for America's tarnished image and diminished reputation.

         A phone screen may do this shot no justice, but it was taken by an iPhone. It is not a great astro-photograph, but it captures a layer of a little corner of our neighborhood.
        Of more earthly sightings, Lana's Amaryllis has put forth its best face(s).

            And a shout out to the bougainvillea I face each time I step out of the door of my study. It glows in the afternoon sun.

        Enjoy the last days of summer, it is on the run.

           See you down the trail.  

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  1. Great pics. I don't have much night sky now due to tall trees and the huge imposition of the newish neighbor's monstrously tall houses, lit up like Christmas trees. I try not to dwell on it, much like the news. I will rejoice if Trump is actually charged with something, but I'm not holding my breath.