Saturday, April 18, 2020

"Love In The Age Of Virus..."

Tracking North and West from Top of the World Cambria

time to think
    Exile at home. With your calendar mostly scrubbed, have  you had more time to think? That could mean worry, dread, maybe compassion, thankfulness, love, or that you want a new couch, to paint the wall, or rearrange something. Things are different and changing out there, so is our perspective.
     Planet earth is breathing easier, and groaning less. Civilization has slowed and is on the verge of changes, the shape of which we can only imagine. Another nudge in our evolutionary trip. Our minds have been contorted and our thinking pushed to permutations. We have questions, the answers are missing in action.
     Philosophers, never over employed and who make a practice of thinking, that is what they trained to do, will tell you this is a time of inspiration, discovery, emergence. 

     I tell you it is time to pay attention to a tree, this tree.

San Simeon Creek Road, San Luis Obispo County, Ca

     Not sure which is most appropriate. I think of this tree as a teacher of Tolerance and Endurance.
     Every breathing soul on this planet knows more about tolerance and endurance than we did a month ago. We've watched unimaginable scenes in hospitals, death without family, overworked and under protected medical teams, a system unprepared and overwhelmed. We've been anxious and witnessed fear, loss, new stretches of grief and have seen an heroic sense of duty and selflessness, every day.
     We've also witnessed stupidity, deception, and the perfect illustration of wretched classlessness and incompetence.
 So, this old tree can teach us a thing or two.
              Look at what it has experienced in its lifetime.

    Landowners frequently run barbed wire fences near young trees, and nature runs its course. The wire imbeds in the growing tree.

  If the cosmic recycler tells me I'm not ready for heaven and have another lap to do on the blue planet, I might ask to come back as a tree or elephant. So, I'm one of those who think this must have hurt. This is a living thing, ingesting torturous and never ending barbs, almost to the core.
  The tree grew and stands tall and strong.

    For this fine tree, the "new normal must" have taken some getting used to, don't you think?
how will change look
    How do you think things will look and work on the other side of this planet closing virus?  No one has been here, so every expectation is valid. Still, there are some who study and calculate the imponderables.  
    Small business owners, working people, school children, and all of us are right to hope a "strong economy" can be reengaged. We are right to expect the federal government to make things better. 
    On the other side of Covid-19, supply chains and dependent retail operators may evolve how they function. Shoppers likely will behave differently.
     Sports, big venue events, concerts, travel, and education will adapt, shudder, and perhaps even shutter. 
     Extended care facilities and nursing homes face hard challenges. 
     Faith groups have adapted with video technology, holding together, while isolated. Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and other streaming could foreshadow a future where maintaining buildings and campuses is costly and a growing challenge.
     A new business sector is likely, specializing in sanitation, storage, and disinfecting. Fashion may respond with safe wear masks, cover ups and the like.
     Creatures of habit, we will accommodate what is required, grump and whine about some of it, but quickly try to find a groove and maybe even a rut again. 
     I'd like to see a change in politics, the disappearance of the professional. As we look for treatment or vaccine, we could look to "heal" politics. 
     If we take money out of the election calculus, some will leave the business and perhaps drag the money hustle of elections with them. Campaigns cost millions, annoy like hell, do little to enlighten, appeal to childish or brutish cues, and we don't need that. We also don't need the ideologues, one issue zealots, business lackeys, or egoists. 
     I'd like people to demand public servants, emphasis on servant, instead of most of what we've got now.

looking around outside

 Iris in Lana's garden, Cambria
 Poppies on the back hill
    Something that has not slowed nor isolated are the hummingbirds, almost drunken with frenzy around the Echium or Pride of Madeira.
     I hope you've had time to think and to pay attention to the signals from nature in the spring. Life returns.
     And pay attention to the trees in your life. 

     See you down the trail.


  1. Thought about this in my new life here in south my youngest, who I share a 2 bdrm apt has symptoms. I'm doing my best to not alarm her, to tell her there are multiple causes for a 99.6 temp, and all are not coronavirus related. I try to convince my self. I'll have her take her temp in a couple hours; it's been gradually going up since last evening.
    So, we all do what we do. Some will survive, some not. Like life, some deserve survival and not granted that, some do not and survive. Like life.
    I hope you are well, Tom

  2. I heard someone, maybe your governor, Tom, say social distancing may last until at least 2022. And there's talk from Mr. Fauci (and Mo Rocca on Sunday morning) that handshaking may be a thing of the past.

  3. I do pay attention to trees, and blooming things, and humming birds, and like that tree, I will take each day as it comes. There is so much outside of my sphere of influence, so I will worry less and seek beauty and express gratitude more.
    Thanks for another great post.

  4. On a lighter note: My baby cousin posted this today: "Our home schooling is going great, in the last 30 days my 9 year old and my 13 year old both graduated from high school. When this is over, I'm looking forward to them getting jobs and moving the hell out." (Katie is a school teacher, BTW)

  5. And we shouldn't ever forget, that tree is not unlike many among us.

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