Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Truth is...

from Shamel Park, Cambria, Ca

    Those zings that whiz by are the buckle bolts of a decent and civil process. Those flying pillars hurtling into the sky are the girders and braces of historic balance of power supports. That vibration you feel, that disequilibrium in your mind is part of a welling force. Time for that in moment. 

the faces of hemingway
     Mr Hemingway, our beloved polydactyl (6 on each of the 4 paws) entertained a recent photo shoot with his "range" of looks.

   His response to our current state of affairs is either a nap in the sun, or a nap in the shade interrupted by a few stretches. 

for the love of spring
 The Cambria shoreline is electric

the dark side of the amateur hour
     As one reads of Alabama's abortion law, and John Bolton's dangerous, ill advised and foolish faux macho saber rattling on Iran, and the administration's lack of respect for American principle, one cannot escape the fact that mouth breathers and nincompoops have entirely too much power. This should and will likely change, but not soon enough.
    We can be sure that investigative talons will clutch the ringmaster. Either as a former president or perhaps an impeached or disgraced fool, justice will come for him.
    If you doubt that, tally the number of federal investigations now open and not restricted as Mueller was. Or ponder the numerous congressional probes. He will be disgraced and perhaps even broken, but the damage he does now is itself a crime of another sort.
   Like many of you, I have quit trying to reason or use logic, or cite historical precedence with those who refuse to acknowledge the rogue president is a sick and evil man motivated only by what's in it for him. 
    It's been unbelievable though that even given the specifics of the Mueller report, and Trump's traitorous, treasonous behavior in full view, his obvious incompetence, his being made a public bitch by Kim and Putin, his ruinous impact on American farmers, his thousands of documented lies, that congressional and Senate Republicans refuse to be Americans first. We can only hope they feel the vengeful sting of betrayed citizens at the ballot box. 
    Those who refused to call out this degenerate administration will be handled by history and they will be seen as the cowards and quislings they are. Their children and grandchildren will be embarrassed. If anything might bring these dead Republicans to life it is the sheer incompetence of Trump as commander in chief with a sneering and once marginalized Bolton at his side.
     There are many congressional and legal challenges ahead. What may be the most pathetic is that a draft dodging, military school flunky, a non reader, a man who knows almost no history, a bloated punk of a daddy boy liar is in a position to commit American troops to warfare. That is such a cosmic injustice the universe itself would be correct to smite the fool.
     Until the Russians rigged the election-and I don't mean merely influenced, this nation had a pact wherein Iran was on a leash, closely monitored, their weapons program was on ice and we were building favor with a growing percentage of Iranians who were growing discontent with the old fundamentalist zealots who controlled them. 
     Now America's biggest money looser and tax fraud, con man and reality TV show star and his failed and rejected advisor are talking war talk. If this doesn't motivate Senate Republicans to admit they are in bed with the devil, then perhaps the universe should smite them as well.
     That, or a few Sons of Liberty legacy patriots could do so.

     See you down the trail. 


  1. What is there to say? you are right, they are wrong. I can only hope the smiting comes soon enough.

  2. What a powerful summary Tom. My first hope is he will get called out in the Republican primary debates by opponents sharp enough to make him shoot himself in both feet. If nothing else, payback for his horrid behavior in the 2016 debates, something I still cant get over.

    Another new abnormal every day and a lower bar from the pied piper tailor made for these times.

    We gotta get out of this place. (If it's the last thing....)


    1. The Primary challenge would be sweet. And great parting song reference there....

  3. Tom
    I was just remarking to oldest daughter that it's depressing that I was predicting all this (he'll start a war, favor dictators over democratic leaders, etc) over two years ago. I do hope you're correct that a reckoning will come, but I"m unsure that it'll come in time before the fundamental nature of our democracy is changed for decades.
    Seattle in spring is a nice change from spring (snow flurries) in Butte.

    1. Glad you are out of the snow.
      As for the important point you make, David Brooks has an interesting take in a recent piece about media focus. He notes there are interventional groups, like the Weavers who are being proactive in response to the toxic nature of social corruption.

  4. I love those pictures of Hemingway. You would do well to copy his attitude.

    1. Oh, he despises the rogue president for his indecent acts of cultural appropriation-in this specific case stealing Hemingway's natural color in that thing the stooge wears on his head.

  5. Re: Hemingway, I grew up with cats and feed a stray one who's lived out in the woods now over 10 years--amazing resilience. My sister loves cats and for some reason doesn't have one anymore so I just sent her a copy of the book, "Artists and their Cats." Famous artists holding their favored pets! (Got from Amazon for $7 but part of the collection at, a 70 acre alpaca farm we just visited in Oregon (airbnb). Sis is/was a very talented graphic designer, now struggling with alzheimers...

    1. Sorry to learn of your sister's struggle. I hope the book brings her joy

  6. Sir:

    I am new to your blog, but am delighted with your images. I had a "Hemingway Cat" with polydactyl toes during graduate school and early into my marriage. Delightful cat. I will be back with additional comments in the next few days. Thank you for the really pleasant images!


    1. It's good to have you in the neighborhood. Thanks for the visit. Nice to know there is a Pipe smoker around.