Friday, March 22, 2019

A Kid Like Ja-A Man Like Mueller-Stars in the Rites of Spring

   It's the spring of 2019 when our fancy turns to Big Dances and Big Probes and media palaver--but there are clouds on the horizon
and there are secrets! Will America be allowed to peer into the secret web of intrigue and investigation
  and learn what the Mueller probe learned? Will the grand galloomps of the administration and the republicans of the Senate
(A facsimile of the DOJ gallops and the McConnell Senate Republicans)
   allow their paymasters and employers (that would be US citizens) to learn what Mueller has learned? Well that brings us to the RIGHTS OF SPRING.
   The old birds are clattering...
   and chattering and the bets are on.
    A safe prediction from your old blogger-it's going to be another fight, another circus, another chapter of America in decline, America yelling, America divided. 
    Democrats will ask for full disclosure, Republicans will resist. The President will blather and tweet and lie. The House will continue their investigations, Federal prosecutors will continue their prosecutions and investigations. There will be legal challenges and court filings and hearings and this thing could go on for, dare I say it-years!
    We have primal forces at work
   sea against rock, wind against sea, power versus power,
   infinite force against eternal existence. 
       Unlike nature, these human struggles devolve to aberrant behavior; deceptions, tricks, deceits, fraud, larceny, and abuse of power. 
      Greed, avarice, and venality have never been far from "individual 1." Diligence, devotion, public service, sacrifice and intelligence have never been far from Mr Mueller. 
      The substance of the two-year investigation will come out. This is the US, with whistleblowers, leakers, people of conscience, investigative reporters, packs of competitive journalists and a citizenry for whom all of this was done.
    Who are you betting on? Which team do you find yourself rooting for?
     Presently I'm rooting for my bracket picks and celebrating another Cinderella story. This is the time of year the of NCAA championships where there is always a peoples favorite, a human interest story, the little Davids taking on the Giant Goliaths, the valiant struggle of appealing characters striving against great odds. Stars emerge and shine. We find new heroes. We cheer and we cry with the heartbroken warriors who leave the court denied a dream. This too is the Right Rite of Spring. 
     I thank Mr Mueller for the decorum, diligence, dignity and scrutiny he brought to that other arena. Smart people will continue his work. But right now I'm on my feet, cheering and fist pumping for a kid named Ja. And for all the kids who play their hearts out. It's good there are still champions, good to be reminded we play the game by the rules, good to know that in the end when history posts the scores, cheaters loose, and liars get busted. And it is reassuring to see people being good sports both in loosing and in victory.

    See you down the trail.


  1. I was cheering for the most unlikely of heroes today as the North Dakota State Bison held the highly heralded Duke Blue Devils to only a 4 point lead at halftime and outplayed them for much of that half. Unfortunately Coach K must have overcome his sickness and ranted and raged enough to awaken his stunned team for a mighty second half win.

  2. Ahh the Bison did good considering...could had some balanced scoring...but ok then

  3. Bravo, Tom. Your photos and text deliver a powerful message.

  4. Mueller forgot to ask -- "Cross your heart and hope to die"?