Friday, September 15, 2017


    Spoiler alert-there is a bit of positive thought ahead but first the news.
    Child psychologist Dr Ava Siegler says we are in the midst of a "national disaster" and parents are the first responders.
    Dr Siegler and others in psychology says decency, civility, knowledge and truthfulness "are not values of the trump government."

data points
     The recent George Washington University poll finds
  • 71% of voters say trump's behavior is not what they expect from a President
  • 68% of Americans believe his words and actions could accidentally get us involved in an international conflict
  • 63% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track
    Another study tells us what we learn from the news, most Americans are anxious about trump's affect on the surge in white supremacy.

the therapy
    David H. Rosmarin a professor at Harvard Medical school and the director of the Spirituality and Mental Health Program at McLean Hospital has good advice.
    Rosmarin says we should set aside 1-3 minutes a day to worry about the worst things that can happen and accept the reality that we are not in control. 
     He suggests we take time off from the news and social media. 
     Dr Rosmarin and many of his colleagues tell us that in these days of trump we should eat well, work out, and work on personal relationships.
     There is a consensus we should spend time with friends and loved ones and focus on enjoying the company and the good feelings of the moment.
     Indeed many of us feel a sense of depression. Normally mellow and relaxed people are trapped in a sense of anger and even rage. 
     As parents and grandparents we should tell children the meanness, selfishness, ego centricity  and lies of the president and some of his supporters and advisors are anti American, wrong and-this is important-will eventually be punished or corrected. 

     This reminds me of the "bad things happen to good people" advice and help books. Most of us have faced challenges and difficulties, uncertain of outcomes. In those periods we are counseled to rely on those we love and care for, people and belief, to understand however desperate a situation there are things for which to be grateful and to remember, all things change, this too will pass. 
     I'm not advocating this, but simply reporting-as we have communicated with our grand daughter, and even with  adults, about how wrong is the behavior, tone and mood of the president, especially his pathological lies, we feel better.
    Telling the truth and affirming the positive values that once undergirded this democratic republic is a one day at a time way of combating the tension, toxicity and corruption of this time in America.

catch the good beams when you can

    See you down the trail.



  1. "Blow up your tv, throw away your papers//
    Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches"
    John Prine had the right idea about four decades ago.
    Thanks for the calming advice

  2. Funny, but I've been following your advice without realizing it. If I focus on Trump too much a do get depressed and sad for what America seems to be becoming, so I've been working at changing the things I can and focusing on relationships. Great post.

    1. Stephen, your posts are also a good way to focus on better aspects of current life. And again, my congrats on finally getting Direct TV to come to their senses. That took a lot of time, effort and anger control!

  3. those are some pretty daunting numbers, Tom. When public disillusion is thus reflected, it's obvious the presidential platform lacks stability. How much longer until forward-thinking politicos and public supporters pull their shoulders from under and let it come down?

    1. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I suspect the vulgarian is in for a tumble. And there is also Karma.

  4. You know who makes America Great? The incredible scientists and engineers who spent decades of their lives working on the Cassini mission. Julie Webster, the Chief Engineer worked with Cassini for three decades, Andy Ingersoll of Caltech worked on #Pioneer #Voyager #Galileo #Cassini. "I'm not sad. I'm thinking how lucky I am.". Make America Great Again? We already are, Mr. president*

  5. When does Professor Rosmarin's advice to "accept the reality that we are not in control" cross over to acquiesce? Like my father use to say, "once the camel gets his nose under the tent, it won't be long until he is in the tent." Trump took advantage of the dysfunction in government and got his nose under the tent. To accept that we are not in control is to acquiesce. Resist and change.

    1. I suspect Dr. Rosmarin's advice is to help us with our internal (emotional-mental-spiritual) storms and depression. In fact as individuals there is little that we can do. As a civilization and society of course there are ways to fight back and exert influence.
      As a producer I always figured what could go wrong, what is the worst thing that could happen to schedules, travel agendas, shooting plans and etc and worked back from that to figure plans A, B, C and sometimes even more. I can tell you that in the bush of Africa, or the Golan Heights, or the jungles of the DR and elsewhere that back up plan drill paid off.
      I am on board with the Resistance and I abhor the degradation of the trump legacy and make a point of that, but on a personal level I realize that to be effective we must also survive. To survive we must keep our wits.

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