Monday, January 14, 2013


     The idea of relative values has been running in the back of my mind, making me smile.  Californians have been shivering and complaining about the cold snap we are enduring.  To be honest, it has been chilly, but....
      Temperatures here are approaching record overnight lows , low 30's and upper 20's.  Yes, cooler than normal, but compared to what most of the nation endures and what we experienced for all those decades in Indiana, well, you get the drift.  On one of our "cold" nights, I took something out to the trash, wearing a T-shirt.  I would not want to have stayed out long, but there were winter storm nights in the mid-west such an act could have been near lethal.  Relative values.
   This is Toccata, the signature piece in Lana's new exhibition at the Windward Vineyard Gallery.  It is a departure, or a return to her roots, after 6 years of doing
Plein Air work.  You can see more of the work by linking here.
    My sincere thanks to those of you who have written, asking about why the break in the blog posting.  I missed filing the Weekender, due in part to the two gents in the foreground.
   Mike Griffin, on the left, who I mentioned recently and Bruce Taylor, AKA Catalyst, who's own blog, Oddball Observations, is linked in the column to the right, are central to my excuse.  The 3 of us worked together back in 1969 and have remained fast friends since.  As you may recall, Bruce and his lovely Judy, have been inspirations in our life.  They are here, visiting and frankly we've been having too much fun to break away long enough to post.  I'm sneaking this one in quickly, awaiting Bruce and Judy's arrival for an afternoon and evening of more.
   See you down the trail. 


  1. I really like Lana's "Equipose." I sense a hint of surrealism in it.

  2. I remain in the Hoosier Capitol site where for many a nite and day we would "play" radio together. Well, that is relative. WE WERE on the same freq but would not often see each other. After all, it was Radio.

    Please include me in your celebrations in cold California. YOU three need a sample of Indiana weather for your current gatherings. I will remain here. I am feeling a bit better, tho the Cancer Calculations continue. Tomorrow, a visit with an I-U bone specialist to discuss reconstruction of a bad hip. That dern cancer has already take a toll. Cheers from here and memories enuff to go around all of you. -w-