Wednesday, October 17, 2012


     We might be better off if we ignored all of the post debate analysis from the pundits and so called experts and simply held conversations with friends, family and associates, even those, maybe especially those, who hold an opposing view.
      Most of us don't need a television talking head to think for us. The traditional networks do a quick wrap up and analysis and then get back to their precious money making prime time schedule. But the cable nets and the bloggers go until the sun comes up. In this age of partisan networks there is more heat and gas than light and understanding.
     What do we gain?  It fills time and sells commercials, so the cable nets are not likely to change.  We can simply turn it off.
      For most of my life I watched it all, and for many years had multiple television sets in my office so I had as many as 5 or 6 sources of information simultaneously.  Since it is all spin, interpretation, and bombast, with very little genuine insight, what's the point? Unless for sport. 
      And you have probably noticed how the election media
is obsessed with polls, the horse race aspect, and seem to think it is all about how it plays on television and in the media. The media is A) self absorbed, B) does play a significant role but as I said first is C) self absorbed.  Again I am reminded we can switch it off.  Which is exactly what Lana suggested I do after ripping up and down the remote to monitor Fox, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, ABC and back.
       Do any of you suspend your own thoughts until one of the television yackers tell you what you just saw?
    Kokanee Salmon were spawning in this mountain stream west of Lake Tahoe between Camp Richardson and Mount Tallac.
    They travel to lay their eggs and then expire.  They become more red as they mature.  


        See you down the trail.


  1. "...heat and gas..." I like that.

    But Lana has the right idea. Turn off the tv and meditate on what you've seen.

  2. My thought: Those salmon sure do know what they are doing. Unlike US!

    Another thought:
    Are there any spots around Lake Tahoe that you do not have pics to show us. Not that I am ... I just saying, you sure do know what you are doing with that camera. (*I do the same. Take all. Come home. Edit.) -w-

  3. Beautiful pictures. I was worried a few years ago when so few salmon returned to spawn but your pictures would seem to indicate a healthy return.