Wednesday, October 24, 2012


     Mitt Romney's campaign is trying to put distance between them and Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock.  The Indiana right-winger, who sadly beat Senator Richard Lugar in the May primary has created a firestorm by something he said in a debate last night.
     The issue was abortion.  Mourdock said 
“Life is that gift from God. I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something God intended to happen"
    Think and say what you wish about abortion, as inappropriate as that discussion may be, however when one begins to assume to know the mind of, or speak of Divine intention, you are way out of line. As eminent theologian Walter Brueggemann said

"When you begin to think you know the mind of God, you are on a slippery slope."

       Mourdock, like fellow right wing Republican Todd Aiken of Missouri who spoke of "legitimate rape," represent a frightening trend of right wing ideologues who frankly are not very intelligent. In their mind they may be moralists and they may even believe they are being religiously faithful with their views, but they remind me of zealots from history who would trample liberty, freedom and our constitutional way by their self righteous ignorance.  There is nothing about rape that is ever right.
      That "slippery slope" Brueggemann spoke of leads, by extension, to things like sharia law, fascism and totaltarian regimes.
      One would hope there is enough common sense to see these right wing "true believers" for the fringe extremists they are.  Our democratic republic demands debate and the full expression of all view points, even if noisy and rancorous, but it also demands respect for constitutional liberties.  
      American politics is full of a history of buffoons, blow hards, crooks and zealots, but also the leveling influence of common sense, decency, philosophy and a sense of history. There is a tipping point though.  The more Mourdocks or Aikens who think God is on their side, the more we could trample our way to our own version of sharia law. Americans need to pay attention.
       The Mourdock incident is even more tragic when seen in the light that this clown got more votes than a truly rational and intelligent public servant, Richard Lugar.  By the way, the post A Lion Goes Down is one of this blogs most read with a readership around the world. I hope voters will understand that yes their vote is sacred and they may cast it as they wish, but understand one must apply a sense of totality and thoughtfulness. Your individual vote is part of a path toward a workable and better future. Otherwise you might just as well throw rocks.

    Our little village, tucked between the Pacific and the Santa Lucia mountains is caught up in election fervor.  Most of the candidates turned out at a local brew house last night to mix and mingle.  It was a snap shot of local democracy at work as the rooms buzzed with earnest conversation and questions and answers.  In lieu of a town board or mayor we have the CCSD-Cambria Community Services District, so our issues really are local.
     Not as an endorsement, but simply from an aesthic point of view, Amanda's yard signs win.
     Over the years I've made hundreds of speeches or presentation about journalism and reporting.  One of the truest things I said was a line from Will Rogers
      I don't make jokes.  I just watch the government and report the facts."
     Can I get an Amen?!
     See you down the trail.


  1. AMEN! We in Indiana are still watching a TV ad for Mourdock with Romney endorsing. That was before last night's mention of God. Romney should divorce himself from Mourdock... the same fellow quoted in his TV ads "my way or the highway".
    Not to defend him, but he did issue further statement modifying or mollifying his rape rant.
    I believe there is a disconnect between his mouth and his mind. There should be a disconnect between him and any office. He was the state treasurer. Let's check that account, too. -w-
    BTW, it is good you have a brew house for such gatherings. We just have a brew-ha-ha. -w-

    1. W
      very well stated and with that droll wit as well.

  2. AMEN, Tom!
    It's damn scary as our society dumbs down and votes for who is more popular (that's if they vote at all). Oh, my apologies, they DO vote - for their American Idol celebs.
    I think it's pretty evident that the conservatives are heading back to the 1950's and want women out of the work place and back in the kitchen, bare-foot and pregnant! Women-take note... old white men want to be judge and jury on your lives. That means they don't want your opinion. I think we've seen enough. It's very real. So ya better get out there and vote!

    1. Gary-
      You make a great point. I believe the balance of this election is in the hands of how women vote.
      best to you.

    2. Bravo! Well spoken. Our Founding Fathers were mostly very religious men who knew the wisdom of checking their faith at the door when it came to the business of creating and operating a government. These zealots see the government as a means to their own selfish ends.

    3. I will give you a loud Amen on that!

  3. AMEN! By the way, our founding fathers were Deists, to the extent that that can be called a religion. And John Adams, Pres #2, said (to the leaders of Tripoli, with whom we were at war or about to be), that America is NOT a Christian nation. This to Muslims. Most disturbing, however, is that about 25% of American voters can be counted on to sit on their brains and vote fundamentalist Christian, no matter what. In other words, Shoot first and let God sort it out.
    America, I fear for thee.

    1. Men, or women, with the intellectual reach and conviction of belief of Adams are rare if not extinct.

  4. I believe it was Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) who said “In democracy we get the government we deserve”. A scary thought - what have we done to deserve this? Currently in China and it is interesting to watch from here.

    1. John-
      good of you to check in from afar.
      your view from there is indeed interesting I'm sure.

  5. These extremists don't understand the brilliance of Separation of Church and State and would throw aside representational government to turn us into a theocracy espousing their fanatical beliefs.