Friday, August 3, 2012


in so many ways
     The Weekender :) begins with a tribute to patience.
8 hours of Wednesday and Thursday were spent on the phone and on line sorting through nooks and crannies of my computer and programs looking for the reason I could not effectively use some of the tool bar on this blogger site.
     Dan from Apple support was the guy who was on the phone as we finally jiggled a jot that got it done.  Richard was helpful for two hours of searching.  Before that Brian was helpful, if perplexed before handing me over to a guy in iphoto support. He was a bit testy and slightly arrogant though he was dealing with me and my frustration and I could well have been the source of his seeming irritation.  Except for that the Apple guys were truly helpful, attentive and superb.
      Blogger support is merely canned text or direction to "support groups" that in reality are a list of people with questions and complaints that go largely unattended by anyone with Blogger.
       The source of the sudden chaos in my peaceful cyber world was updating the mac to Safari 6.  Things are different in Safari 6 and some of those things are little goblins that have disruptive capacity.  So, I'm singing the praises of the Awesome Apple Support team and my own Mac's Only Guru, Rick who was able to plow into some helpful and suggestive space very quickly.  Though this Blogger world is big, rich and full of great stuff, they could take a few lessons from the Apple team.
       And I can't help but think about trying to explain to my late mom and dad some of the stuff their eldest was doing with, in and around a computer, while on the phone, and on line. That would have been both amusing and Awesome!  My daughters would probably land more on Amusing!

                                   NOW THIS IS 
                                TRULY AWESOME
     Thanks to my friend and retired Navy man Lew for this find. Please take 5 minutes sometime this weekend to see this extraordinary bit of life on this blue planet.
for the land bound
      It's the time of year when we like to collect lupine seed as the pods turn brown.  But, as you notice, one must collect carefully.

Take a look around this weekend
and find something awesome in your world.
See you down the trail.


  1. An awesome video. I never fail to be amazed by the diversity of life on this planet.

    Sorry about your troubles with Blogger. I'm also dissatisfied with their service, but what can you expect for free? I'll be moving to a different webhost in about a month.

  2. Bro C1,
    The footage from Lew was amazing. I think I'd like to live there.

  3. Thanks for the fish video. I particularly needed it today; cooled me down when I was on the verge of boiling over. [Which would make me boiled crab, I suppose.]

  4. Nice pics, Tom.

    BTW, I'm a former Hoosier -- and journalist -- who also moved (escaped?) from Indiana to the Central Coast. I remember your work -- particularly the Klan series -- from WTHR. Good stuff.

    --Pat P.

  5. Pat-Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words.
    We are fortunate to have located here, huh?

    1. After 13 years, I still look out at the water and say to myself, "That's the ocean -- I live here!" The occasional trip back to Indiana -- or the viewing of an IU basketball game on ESPN -- makes me nostalgic, but I don't miss it a bit.