Thursday, May 26, 2022

The faces-the America


        We cry. We rage. Again our hearts are broken. It is an aberration. It is an American act.

      As we look at photos of each of the victims we are crushed by the loss of innocence, the sweet childhood, the promise, the hope of young lives, the murdered love of family. We are killing America. 

    We destroy our truth, we bury our aspirational promise of the Constitution to be a more perfect union, to establish justice, to insure domestic tranquility. We do not secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and posterity. We kill them. We put money and political power over the sweet faces and the future of our children in America.

    Here a teen boy can not buy a beer, but he can buy assault weapons. Why shouldn't 21 years be the mandatory minimum for a gun purchase? Why? Because Republicans are owned by and work for the gun makers. Because Republicans are now afraid to cross the gun crazy nation they and the NRA created during decades of clever deception about the 2nd Amendment.  Because Republicans, not even 10 of them, will vote to make that a law. They are American cowards.

    President Biden is limited in what he can. Politics is why. Were it his to act unilaterally, gun safety laws would change. Democrats, who have been pushing gun laws since the murder of innocents in Newtown, are now doubling down on efforts to find ways to bring 10 Republicans into support of the change that 76% of the American people want. 

    Now parents, grand parents, and caregivers worry about their loved ones. They and teachers and counselors have the  task of explaining to their children or wards that American children, just like them, may be killed in their school, or at the super market, or movie theatre, or church by an assault weapon because there are so many guns and they are so easy to buy, in America. 

    Gun manufactures bought the NRA and turned it into the money pipeline for Senators and Representatives who have worked for decades to loosen gun laws. Fewer regulations mean more sales. Now that right wing looney authoritarians control the Republican party there is a population of gun owning folks, confused about the 2nd Amendment, who are willing to fight to keep their assault weapons. They are also Americans.

    Background checks, age requirements, tighter security on sales and transactions does not mean the Federal government is "coming after your weapon(s)." But a lot of people have been misled and manipulated by the NRA and Republicans into thinking that, in America.

    No one can deny there is an epidemic of mass killings in one nation on this planet. There have been many moments like the pain, grief, shock, loss and hurt we now endure. It is an American ritual.

    Can enough Republicans find a sense of virtue, decency, and goodness, to honor at least 10 of the dead children? Can the two Democrat problem weasels stay with their party for once and can the Senate finally give the American people what they want in gun laws? Now, that would be an American victory.

    Love the children. Keep them safe.

    See you down the trail.



  1. Hi Tom - I agree on your one principle of gun control. I think we as a country MISS the primary missing link. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? They’re running away from controlling these little ones, thus when they grow up they have had minimal guidance! We’ve lost generations in my option, especially since our me generation of the 60’s.

    1. Their parents are crying, consumed by grief. That's where they are.

  2. You enter a building once in the morning through 2 entrances at most and under security in a certain time window. Then the doors/windows are locked for the day to prevent entry, (easily disabled in the event of fire etc). Staff can enter anytime with a code card. All doors are capable of outgoing but only one or two are allowed for use and all all electronically monitored by a guard.

    An 18 year old guy, obviously not an elementary student.... just "walked in".

  3. After winning the Georgia primary, on Wednesday Majorie Taylor Greene tweeted "We don't need more gun control". The fact she is looking at reelection is beyond my comprehension.

  4. Bravo Tom. An excellent analysis of the issues paralyzing the politics in Washington and threatening the public safety. Should be required reading for every Republican