Monday, August 26, 2019

Where does this road go?

     Preparing for several days of new sights in old culture. Uneasy about where this nation is and where the road we're on leads.
      I'm convinced the nightly news has become the stage for  a depraved tragic-comedy. It is evidence this president is  unhinged from reality and in the throes of madness. He is increasingly alone, unchecked by staff, erratic, irrational and dangerous. We see it with our eyes and it is chilling. It becomes more absurdly bizarre that our great and complex federal system, and the tens of millions of citizens who are sickened by the reality can not end this script that reads like a dystopian futuristic nightmare. We have an insane and compromised president, but we do not have an American presidency.
     My working years were filled with globe trotting assignments and  I was never embarrassed to carry an American passport. I've been warned to expect hearing an earful from the citizens of where we are bound and I will listen with interest.
    There is great strength in our nation and it is signified by the overwhelming percentage of citizens who disapprove of the mad, rogue president. I will remind my hosts of that.
       There is so much more than the crazy reality show and its lying narcissistic star and I hope they know that. 
       But, what I have no answer for are those people at his rallies, those who support the deranged fool, and why as dangerously erratic and destructive as he has become the once Republican party has not moved to depose him, if only to save face if not for the security of this nation.
       I cannot explain why we have opened a new season of old hatreds, bigotry, and ignorance. Especially the ignorance and disdain for fact, science, knowledge and advancement. Why are so many content with being stupid and crazed with their own manipulated fantasies and opinions?
       I think it will be refreshing to be away for a while, to see all of this from afar and through the filter of people who mince no words and who know history.  Stay tuned.

       Before we go, a California late summer scene.

      See you down the trail.


  1. By the looks of things you could be Canadian or Canadien (if you remember some HS French)

  2. Most demoralizing things I've seen in my life are 9/11, the 60's assassinations and seeing a man like Donald Trump as President of the United States. Maybe one day we'll establish some mandatory prerequisites for the most important job in the country. Ya think?

  3. You will receive sympathy abroad.

    1. Great commentary and pictures. My Grandfather in Kansas had a truck like that one. It is disheartening, but remember sociopaths flame out and burn all their bridges eventually: too self-centered and too self destructive. Hopefully sooner than later. Will be much damage to repair as there was after Nixon. Hope Ruth Ginsburg survives this last bout with cancer. Steve