Monday, June 6, 2016


Final Acts
    Muhammad Ali was just a bit older than Boomers but he always seemed like one of us. His life arc paralleled ours. Of all that has and will be said of him and his big life I prefer to think of his legacy as courage. He was brave, in many ways.
      After boxing he lived for a while in southern Michigan and was involved in several events and causes in the Midwest including Indianapolis. It was in this context I met Ali. Even during those few years of his mid-west residency we saw the continuing toll of the disease that robbed him of so much, yet I remember his smile, his winks and his air boxing jabs that delighted kids. He never ducked a question and he always spoke with conviction.
      If you are ever near Louisville make a point to visit the Ali Museum. The scope of his life and the breadth of his influence in the world is extraordinary.
      He was tenacious in life as he was in the ring. He entertained and he challenged us and to quote his old faux nemesis Howard Cosell, Ali "told it like it was."
      "He who is not courageous enough to takes risks will accomplish nothing in life"
                            Muhammad Ali

In the line of duty
     Condolences to the family and friends of award winning photographer David Gilkey, killed with interpreter Zabihulla Tamanna in Afghanistan.  Gilkey worked for NPR and was embedded with Afghanistan and American forces when the vehicle he was in was hit by an RPG.  
      We are regular NPR listeners and web viewers and have seen Gilkey's work as well has heard his voice when interviewed by NPR correspondents and reporters. He's won many awards for his brilliant photography. The NPR news team has been emotionally shaken by the killing of one of their own. Our hearts are heavy when  fellow journalists and news gatherers are lost in the line of duty. 
     Who are the running mates? Speculation season is full tilt.
      Chris Christie
    Niki Haley
    John Kasich
      Newt Gingrich
     Ben Carson
Captain America
The Incredible Hulk
Sara Palin

Corey Booker
Julian Castro
Wesley Clark
Tim Kaine
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
and others
       The challenge for Trump is to find someone who gives him credibility and acceptance. It will need to be someone with his kind of bravado, but with real experience.
        The wisest choice for Hillary may be Sanders. Why?
Because of his own appeal and his millions of followers. Anyone else is a guess when it comes to getting national votes. Sanders has proven he can ignite even more fervent support than Clinton. Some of those Sanders voters may not follow Hillary, but they likely would if Sanders were VP. The Senator has pushed Clinton. A reconciliation would be a strong plus and would give a range of Democrats cause to get out the vote. It could keep millions of Democrat voters in line.
         Still, my buddy Ray has a novel ticket suggestion-
Joe Biden and Colin Powell.  Hmmmmmm!
          Stay tuned. 

On the Edge
        Environmental campers near Lampton Cliff in Cambria are up close and personal with the Pacific, ocean breezes and soaring birds. 

      See you down the trail.


  1. I hear Tim Kaine mentioned as a strong running mate for Hillary. As for Trump I'd suggest Bozo the Clown. Oh wait, the top job has already been taken.

  2. Joe Biden and anyone,.....ah well, this is one of the cycles we've seen over the last several decades that the cycle itself make the product and we're left with the deposits.
    Ali....nobody like him, ever. I remember him in high school, watching in B&W.

    1. Joe was my favorite Democrat 8 years ago.
      You are right about this cycle-yuck!

  3. Actually, I've wondered about Colin Powell as a possible running mate for Hillary. I guess anything is possible.

    1. He is a popular and still respected man with plenty of experience.

  4. Matchmaking is not my forte, but I'll hazard Hillary Clinton VP guesses: Yes, Bernie Sanders; Elizabeth Warren, of course; Also Colin Powell, who managed to exit the "W" admin. with his dignity intact.

  5. We engage in these speculations with the knowledge it is easier to be wrong than right.
    Powell may have been the best man in the W years.